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i just wanted to remind everyone of the meeting of the LCSP tomorrow at 7pm at the Harringay United Church. Will be a great opportunity to discuss the rubbish situation with key authorities and make our voices heard.

please see below the latest from Ian

Dear All,

Just a quick reminder that the LCSP meeting tomorrow evening has a major focus on rubbish/cleansing issues and we have arranged for a number of key managers in this field to attend.

In addition to those previously announced [Dave Shipp (LBH Enforcement Manager) Ana Austin (Veolia Manager) and Sarah Hayes (CleanUpUK)], we have now also secured the attendance of Ian Kershaw (LBH Commissioning & Client Manager for Enforcement & Waste).

This is an ideal (and rare) opportunity to have your say on the whole range of rubbish-related issues – and hopefully to agree on the best ways forward for all of us who care about the appearance of our local community.

See you tomorrow 


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Unfortunately I can’t be there tomorrow, but it would be great to reinforce that this is a borough wide issue and doesn’t just affect Green Lanes and the Ladder - thanks.

Does anyone have any stats about the rubbish situation? It would be great to know whether fly tipping has increased since they introduced the charge for bulky waste. Also the amount of prosecutions for fly tipping and what type of people are doing it (landlords, businesses, individuals). If not, wonder whether it would be worth asking for more transparency around info from the council tonight?

"It's not nice to spy on people but it would only happen to flytippers who by definition don't care about their fellow citizens."

But to be "nice" about it, you do have to be careful about just how you gather your evidence. (Funny that you should make that comment today of all days).

Agreed wholeheartedly - and have often wondered why they don’t do that. Making this public will also make fly tippers think twice also. 

https://www.haringey.gov.uk/environment-and-waste/neighbourhood-act...                             Link from council Web site.   

The most recent data I can find is for 2016/17  Haringey had the second highest incidence of reported fly tipping in London.  Three ways you can look at this.  

  1. we have a lot of engaged citizens who report fly tipping
  2. we have a lot of fly tipping
  3. both

London's worst boroughs for fly-tipping
Figures showed incidents reported to local councils in 2016/17

  1. Enfield 75,615 incidents
  2. Haringey 33,333 incidents
  3. Croydon 24, 797
  4. Newham 19,917
  5. Southwark 17,131

The problem for Haringey is that prevention is really resource intensive.  It means many boots on the ground, 24 hours a day.  But not having that leads to it being money intensive with what limited resources they have being diverted from other services to cleaning up crap.  

Like other posters have said maybe high profile reporting of offenders and the consequences of what they do is one way to go but will that deter a landlord who dumps a mattress they paid £20 for when it costs £25 to have it collected?

It's fair to point out that some of these figures were quoted by Ian Kershaw of Haringey Council at the residents meeting last week. He quoted the range of figures and pointed up the disparity between Enfield, Haringey and Hackney (Hackney at around 3,000). He said that he thought the level of discrepancy these figures suggest does not reflect reality and that the scale of the problem is similar in all three boroughs. Apparently, his colleagues in other councils concur. 

I think that there are particular problems that both Haringey and Enfield face that bump up the numbers Hugh as these number also include organised fly tipping by operations that solely exist to dispose of waste illegally

Both boroughs still have industrial/warehousing areas in the east of the borough.  On a bus going up to Chingford earlier this week I passed through the eastern bit of Enfield towards the Lea Valley and the tipping was astonishing and obviously well organised - truckloads of building and white good waste all along the north circular.  Haringey have similar, though not as extensive, industrial areas on the eastern side.  Once you get down to Hackney the Lea corridor is now developed and lived in, making it less attractive to systematic, organised dumpers.

Could well be. Knowing how troublesome stats can be, I’m just passing on what Ian said for the sake of balance. 

Are figures quoted, as number of Scavenger Reports of Rubbish the Teams have picked Up ?

The Council pays for 7 day a week. Teams to collect Road Sweepers Rubbish and other reported / seen rubbish. They have two Trucks and Dust Cart and a Grab Lorry.                 As often see them parked up a break times

I also believe that the Council does not like going for prosecutions.                               As Not wishing to pick on Offenders 

My apologies - would love to come but have a newborn to look after and won't be able to. 

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed my first LCSP meeting. Lots of good ideas and good council representation. Hopefully this leads to really positive action and I'd love to be involved in future LCSP discussions!



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