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So during lockdown we have realised just how much junk we have and that we have a severe lack of storage. With this in mind we need to clear the under stairs so that we can properly store some stuff. Also we’ve now got mice so I want to clear as much as possible so we can successfully deal with this problem.

so my questions are

  1. Are we still able get someone to clear this if we put in front yard so they don’t have to come into contact with us?
  2. can anyone recommend anyone and what cost would be?
  3. Can we get pest control in or should we try to handle ourselves until restrictions are relaxed?



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We used the Clearabee "man + van" service a couple of months ago and found them very professional. That was before any covid restrictions in place but they seem to be still operating. If you bag everything into the front garden and leave it for 72 hours before booking the collection (they did a same day collection when we booked), there should be no risk of virus infection in either direction.

For pest control, try David Parnell. Very thorough knowledgeable and professional. You can find him recommended elsewhere on the site, e.g. here.

For mice and Rats Found Sticky boards work well. Far less mess than baits

Just fold boards over and bin when they get stuck to boards

If stuck I have a few spare, as brought a Box at wholesalers

As live on Noel Park estate, where there is gaps under houses.                                                                         Which allows a form of pest Highway under the properties

I am more than happy to take calls from residents who are experiencing pest related issues and we are still coming out to homes and businesses if the concern is of a worrying nature.
We always deploy good levels of PPE and follow government guidelines on social distancing.

We also run a free national pest helpline (not 24 hrs) on 0800 118 2101 with plenty of free advice for those wishing to try safe D.I.Y pest control or just need someone to try and solve a problem over the phone.

Take care all and stay safe. 



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