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Hi everyone,

I've reached out to the Chair of the Ladder Community Safety Partnership, Ian Sygrave.  I told him about the overwhelming consensus on this forum that action is needed asap. Ian agrees that the rubbish situation has gotten out of control recently and will make it a big topic at their next meeting (Thursday 13 Sep, 7pm, Location: Harringay United Church Hall, (Junction of Green Lanes/Allison Road, N8)

Ian writes: "I will invite Dave Shipp, Enforcement Manager for our area (who attends anyway from time to time), a rep from Veolia and the Ward Councillors. As you know, the LCSP has a 20 year history of positive action in this area and is an ideal forum to take this forward, having a very large number of members across all the Ladder roads."

I think given LCSP's network of contacts and track record it is a good platform to kickstart this action. I will attend the meeting and the more ppl are present at that meeting the more vocal we can be about our concerns and hopefully show the representatives that we are serious about this issue and no longer accept the status quo. 

Hope to see many of you at the meeting.


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I will be there.

Brilliant - I'll be there!

Me too. Add a reminder on here a few days before maybe?

If one of you adds it in the event listings, folks will then be able to add it to their calendars with a single click and set their own reminders!

Great idea, I will be  there

great, many thanks for organising this!

Just added it to the Events list.

Hi Dominik,

I will be attending that meeting.

I am thinking to start an initiative to tackle dirty streets on the Ladder as like most of you I am fed up with the situation. So this meeting will be a good start.

Thanks in advance.

Well done Dominik! I'll be there. 

The "rubbish situation" is not "out of control". A minority of people  - residents, traders, landlords, managing agents, builders and other "trades people", may all now dispose of waste by dumping it on the streets/parks/alleys/ etc.

Methods of dumping vary. At the extreme are the professional fly-tippers who own a van. The Council's publicity posters pretend this is typical and that the fly-tippers are the problem.

But in my observation, most such dumping and littering seems thoughtless and casual. Some people toss it out of their cars. Or simple shed bottles and cans and wrapping as they move around.

Others seem more deliberate. They might sweep it from their front yard onto the pavement. Or bag and leave it neatly by a litter bin.

Some others set their and other people's kids an example by leaving it outside schools. The "hidden curriculum" of the streets.

I used to call this "the Third System". Based on the idea that the two official systems were (1) collecting and disposing of waste from homes & businesses; (2) Residents and others taking waste to official 'bring sites' like bottle banks & the re-use & recycling centres.

At some point - usually sooner rather than later - dumped Third System waste is spotted, reported and collected by Veolia.

In the meantime, especially if you live in the east or centre of Haringey, the litter and dumped mattresses etc etc, are in-your-face upsetting. Especially if you leave the Borough for a few days and know you're nearly home  when you see the first piles of rubbish bags waiting to greet you. Hi there. Welcome back!

Obviously this doesn't apply to Council leaders most of whom by long tradition live in Muswell Hill or Crouch End.

Hi everyone,

Just as a reminder, the LCSP meeting is on this Thursday, 13 Sep, 7pm, at Harringay United Church Hall. Ian from the LCSP sent around the agenda over the weekend. The focus will be on "Crime & Grime". It will give us a great platform to voice our concerns and start working on a solution with the respective authorities. 

Here the email from Ian:

The Agenda is rather less usual in that it’s essentially a two-item focus on ‘Crime & Grime’, as a direct response to the concerns of LCSP members and the local community.

I’m very pleased that we already have confirmed attendance from PC Pete Cooper, PCSO Lisa Yianni, Dave Shipp (LBH Enforcement Manager); Ana Austin (Veolia Senior Manager) and Sarah Hayes (Cleanup UK); Ward Councillors have also been invited.

Hope to see you all there.




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