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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I met a Kingdom enforcement officer this morning going through a pile of newly dumped rubbish in our street. 400 quid fine if they manage to identify the miscreants.

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I am forever reporting dumped rubbish but the wast majority is beds, mattresses, old duvets and broken pieces of furniture which is untraceable 

You might want to read a Council item on fly-tipping here

The Council has recently, as people here will know, started charging for bulky item collections. This will only encourage more fly-tipping. 

Or blame the Tory government for imposing £160m in cuts on Haringey Council since 2010, with a further 20m planned


And what point would there be in voting Tory in Haringey? Doesn't change a thing. I prefer to be more proactive ..if I see people dumping stuff I tell them to clear it up. If more people did the same, we'd see much less dumping.

Which deficit? Massive in comparison to other economies or just your household income?

The funny thing about the EU and trade deficits is that Germany runs a large surplus and because the opposite of every Euro is an owed Euro, this forces the other countries in the Eurozone to run deficits.

The council do not control their own money supply. The only way they can get more money is by either importing more council tax payers or increasing council tax for residents. I'm of course discounting the fact that they could be given some more by central government.



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