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Folks, my EE connection over LTE 4G gives nearly 60Mbs. That's better than most ISPs in the area with the exception of Virgin media. I had no idea speed were that good!

I know Virgin's service seems to be absolutely crap for half of the ward and nearly faultless for my side of the ward so I will probably hang on to my virgin connection a bit longer.

So A 4G modem router like this one https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/33092-tp-link-tl-mr6400/?gc... and a data only SIM would be alternative to crappy copper- based ADSL deals.

EE and 02 networks seem to be the best for 4G speeds. 5G is not there yet with regards to data only services but will be a game changer for domestic broadband speeds.

If you want to keep your BT landline number you could port it to a VoIP service. Voipfone is the best one you there that I've found.

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To get the best speeds it is absolutely vital that you check cell location


The previous web site is not the prettiest web site but it is informative and you zoom in/out your location and check different networks O2, Three, EE

LTE is

(a) Very directional  and Line of sight - if you can see cell tower and point aerial at it then you can get good speeds.

(b) Speed will drop if a large building is in the way  40 Mega bits to 1 Mega bits i.e 4 megabytes a second to 1 mega bytes a second or slower!!!

(c) Time of day - at 5am in the morning you get top speeds 6 megabytes per second by 11am you can be down to 1 megabytes per second.

(d) Very simply network congestion - you could be sharing the same big(or small) pipe with several hundred people .


both Smarty(O3) and GiffGaff(O2) are worth checking out they both do deals at £20 for 80/100 GigaBytes per month



In practice, its try it and see.

For smarty and GiffGaff there is no contract - PAYG.

So get a trial sim from both and go for the £10 deal on both Sims for testing purposes.

Also get make sure your router has external antenna (Rabbits Ears) ideally detachable or scew on (SMA).

Data, I have done dozens of tests but they are fined tuned to me! and my location!


is my goto test it remembers your various runs and you can DL the data

https://speed.cloudflare.com/ is also pretty good

Arial's and Antenna there is a load of snake oil and Junk available.



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