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I’m sure this has been discussed on here before, but I have reached a point of major frustration and am planning to write to the councillors about this issue

Harringay’s rubbish situation is just out of hand and I want to know what the councillors are going to do about this

I’m sure I can’t be alone in wondering what my council tax is going on when i’m constantly surrounded by filth

I wonder if my words to the councillors would have more meaning if I had the backing of other local residents. Or has someone already done this and got nowhere?

Keen to hear if anyone has already raised this issue with anyone

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I upload reports 3-4 times a week with photos. Now part of my routine. 

I have also taken to printing out my own signs for outside my house which is a common dumping ground - so far so good.

i have also had enough but appreciate the problem is dumping, not just collection. We need to tackle both and I think we can do more as residents when veolia clearly cannot handle the extent of the problem. 

When you have tenants who haven't got the brains to squash cartons, beer cans or plastic bottles flat to make more space in the bin, I don't hold out much hope.

Great. I’m glad to hear some other people feel as strongly as I do about this

i have written to the councillors again, for what it’s worth

Should I start a change.org petition? Is it worth it?

Sadly my journalist friends are no longer working for the ES or metro but I could try and see if they have a contact in the local paper as a starting point

Hi Ros, I was thinking that. I am thinking shaming the Council into action might be the best option. I'd be all for a petition. If you wanted to meet up and draft the petition/an article to the ES/Metro, again happy to help.

Ok great. I’ll start with a petition and work up to the article

The petition needs to be about something tangible. Something specific that we can ask the council to implement. I fear there is danger of a vague request

Any suggestions of what we should specifically petition for?

A budget per resident to be spent on rubbish collection and street cleaning etc? A clean up week to be funded and advertised?

I’ll try and get advice from a friend who is was a local councillor (not haringey)

ok. let me do some research as well. I totally agree it needs to be tangible. I'll have a think and do some research and send you a private message when I got a bit further.

The trouble is - this Council has no shame >

One suggestion (apart from punitive sentences for litterers) is to have regular skip drops - where a skip is left at a particular site on the same day each month (?) in the faint hope of collecting all the mattresses and other end-of-tenancy garbage.  This used to happen.  It has to cost less than all the £50 fees from Veolia for extra pickups. Cllr Ahmet, who had the Envt brief before this administration, said she thought this made sense and would look into it. Cllr Hearn now has that brief.   

And, make it an obligation for landlords to inform their tenats, in whatever languages are appropriate and in writing, re how rubbish collection works, and to supply the right indoor bins - recycling only works if there are two bins in the kitchen.  I seem to have that PR job for this whole street and I struggle with Google Translate to do so, and I'm not being paid £1500 rent a month into the bargain.

And another thing....  can there be an uploaded pdf version on LBH site of the Rubbish leaflet that comes round once a year, that can be easliy printed off so the said landlords can do their job. Or me.

Aaaand - what happened to the litter wardens experiment?  Where £80 fines for dropping fagends was making the national press?

Thanks. Good suggestions


Good news. After many weeks of seeing lots of smelly flytipping in the area, I ran up and down the harringay passage yesterday evening, and it was spotless (for our standards). Just one bag  (Beresford) and a couple of bottles (Lausanne) along the whole of the passage. So someone must have done a great great job. 

Thanks Jacob.  It’s important to point highlight the good stuff as well as the bad!



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