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I’m sure this has been discussed on here before, but I have reached a point of major frustration and am planning to write to the councillors about this issue

Harringay’s rubbish situation is just out of hand and I want to know what the councillors are going to do about this

I’m sure I can’t be alone in wondering what my council tax is going on when i’m constantly surrounded by filth

I wonder if my words to the councillors would have more meaning if I had the backing of other local residents. Or has someone already done this and got nowhere?

Keen to hear if anyone has already raised this issue with anyone

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Are we all reporting it? I previously didn't but got so annoyed seeing so much fly tipping when running up and down the ladder roads that I logged 3 reports next week. Harringay council won't understand the extent of the problem unless we highlight it to them. It's a really easy process so would encourage everyone to get involved

It gets reported Alice but doesn’t seems to improve.  This time last year we reported it big time (see below)


MIchael. Did we get any response from Peray Ahmet  or anyone else on the Council ?

Despite chasing - not a sausage 

There is some professional dumping but a lot of the dumping is cheap (broken) furniture or cheap mattresses. It could, of course, be greedy landlords, but many tenants won't have a car to go to the dump or £25 to spare so I think the £25 collection is too high and I would love to see the council/Veolia trial a lower fee or free collections since they have to collect anyway when it is dumped.

Exactly Charlotte.  It ends up either being picked up (so cost to Haringey) or prosecuted (cost to Haringey).  Another scheme that was in place a number of years ago was the Community Clear Out Day.  I think that it was a couple of times a year everyone in a collection of streets was leafletted to let them know that on a particular day between certain hours the waste contractor would be go up the road and collect everything left out.  As well as getting rid of bulk waste in a safe and efficient way there was also a bit of reuse and recycle as locals scoured the road for anything they would like to take.

I report the rubbish issue (not so much dumping where I am) on pretty much a daily basis using the report it app. Nothing changes. My road is filthy at the Green Lanes end  and Green Lanes is disgusting, covered in a layer of slime and broken rubbish bags. I would certainly be interested in doing something more formal than emailing the council and using the report it app. 

... I blame Ty Flipper... and the contract Haringey signed with Veolia that runs until 2025 with the option to renew...

if you don't report the fly tipping and dumping of rubbish the council won't have a legal recourse to challenge Veolia...

... "In 2011 Haringey Council entered into a 14 year contract with Veolia to carry out street cleaning, recycling and rubbish collection in our borough.

Veolia’s performance is monitored through a number of targets, which are set in accordance with national guidelines from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

For example, street cleaning is measured using guidance and methodology set by Defra’s National Indicator for Cleanliness (NI195). Random sections of streets are inspected and Veolia is given a percentage score of how many sections did not meet the required standard (the lower the percentage the better their performance).

In 2015-16 we set Veolia a target of:

A litter score of no higher than 7% - RAG Status: Green
A detritus score of no higher than 11% - RAG Status: Green
Reported fly tips to be removed within 24 hours - RAG Status: Green
A recycling rate of 38.7% - RAG Status: Red
No more than 85 missed collections per 100,000 properties - RAG Status: Green
See our Priority 3: Clean and Safe page for an explanation of the RAG Status"...

But it’s not as simple as this...

Crouch end’s streets are fairly pristine. As are Muswell Hill. They also having better quality paving stones and less dog fouling

it seems that there is also a lack of regard for the streets and for other people’s quality of life in the area. And also a problem with over crowding that means the rubbish collection and street cleaning provided is in sufficient 

I just get depressed every time I walk about in the area

On the nose Ros.  I think everyone who goes to the west side of the borough notices the difference in quality of life issues.  Both Muswell Hill and Crouch End have flats above shops (like Green Lanes) yet you just don’t see the level of waste strewn about.  As the east of the borough is higher density and has more commercial properties surely the logic is that greater resources should be put in to keep it clean and do those things that really make a difference to an area like cleaning the grime, cooking oil, squished fruit and ground in kebab waste from the pavements.  If an area looks cared for, it tends to be cared for.  If it looks like no one gives a toss, then no one gives a toss.

Sadly I think it's a case that a lot of people round here don't "give a toss" as you put it Michael. You can't blame the council for all of the mess. It's upto owners of dogs to clear up their mess. The graffiti also gets me down. Something else you don't see in Crouch End or Muswell Hill

This morning I walked through Russell Park, the amount of litter is hard to believe from entering where I see a supermarket trolley and a couple of bags of rubbish ripped open clothes and household rubbish!

I am not usually one to complain but its that bad. There are 2 nurseries beside the park kids should not have to worry about hurting themselves on cans bottles when in a park

Walking round towards the station its a rat run of cans bottles burger boxes that have been there days/weeks/months

Then there was a mattress, if I don't see a different piece of random furniture every week its a rarity.

I notice this a lot more when I am a different city for a couple of days and come back. Wonder were the £1000 council tax goes.

At the station a kid eating a chocolate bar (at 8am) unwrapped it and dropped it on the floor, if that were my kid they could be getting a clipped ear any wonder the area looks like sh!t



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