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Missed a delivery by half an hour this morning. The card says I can't get the parcel till tomorrow now and I have to go to the above location to collect it. Does anyone know (1) whether the postie is likely to try again later today and (2) whether there is any possibility the parcel will be available to collect from the delivery office later today?

Many thanks!

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1) I would say unlikely

2) It's possible the parcel will be available to collect later today, but I'd call them this evening first to save yourself a journey.

Sometimes they offer you the option to have it redelivered elsewhere or to a local post office tomorrow, as well.

Thanks Si. I tried calling earlier but it was an automated service and I was on hold for about fifteen minutes before giving up. I may pop down later this afternoon and try my luck...

Maybe try 020 8808 3797 - a Google search says this /may/ be the local # for the Tottenham delivery office.

1) no

2) unlikely. They are rubbish. Bring back Page Green!

That said, after I had been turned away from the Tottenham office a THIRD time (computer trouble, no strol not here, no we can't find it, maybe it's still on the van, we really have no idea) a lady took my details after I had waited over an hour. At 7pm that night she called me. Somehow the call reached me in the platform at Seven Sisters where I had just gotten off the tube on my way home from work. 10 minutes later I finally had my parcel.

So good people exist. But other people serving me there have just not bothered.

I do not agree that the Bruce Grove Royal Mail sorting office collection point is "rubbish". If that is what you are referring to in your post above.

This sorting office is a vital service at a time when other such places are being closed down. Their opening hours allow us to collect deliveries at times when other places are closed (e.g on a SUNDAY!!!!!). It is on many  bus routes serviing Tottenham and Wood Grenn and just at the xit from the Overground. You can also buy stamps there! How convenient is that?

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 20:00
Thursday 08:00 - 18:00
Friday 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday 08:00 - 14:00
Sunday 11:00 - 15:00

At times they may experience issues with staffing, etc. but they are mostly always pleasant despite being in high demand. At Christmas they play carols and chreerful music and they have lovely pictures of the old Bruce Grove & Tottenham hanging in the small collection bureau. Sometimes when you show up on the same delivery day after missing a registered delivery they still try and find the item instead of just saying "no can do come back tomorrow".

The site is on the Council's development options list. But I really hope it sticks around for a very long time and I try to get my deliveries through Royal Mail so I can collect my stuff there, instead of having to wait around at home all day for a delivery. I have never had issues there as opposed to with deliveries by several private operators who don't give a damn about client convenience!

Support local services! You only appreciate what you have when it is no longer there!

Rant over thanks.

Have to say I visited them twice over the Christmas period - at one point there were well over 50 people waiting to collect parcels with a line all the way outside and back to the main gate. The staff coped with it really well and kept the line moving at a time when naturally they are swamped.

No complaints here either.

In the event I had a fabulous result thanks to our excellent local postie. He came back an hour later and put some letters through the door and when I heard the letterbox I dashed out and caught him by the gate. He confirmed he had tried to deliver a parcel but no-one had been in. I must have looked totally forlorn as he then said “give me half an hour...” Whereafter there was a knock at the door and there he was with my parcel. Can’t say how impressed I was with him, and how grateful I was also.

I spent hours there over the Christmas period (just trying to get the one parcel). There were no carols!

On another occasion (before the Christmas period) the teen behind the counter managed to conduct an entire transaction without looking at me or speaking a word. She was too intent on rolling her cigarette. She returned with my parcel with the (unlit) cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Another older staff member has been very surly.

Not the staff's fault but those who have been forced to go there from N15 now have to go well out of our way to collect parcels, which is far more difficult for those with disabilities. I'm only mildly disabled, on a social model of disability most situations and places I am not at all disabled, I spend my free time running, I work full time. But standing in a queue for that length of time, the fatigue hits me like a ton of bricks and somehow I have to still get to work (a longer journey now involving a bus and a tube) and work through the day afterwards. I really don't cope with that. Also the street it is on is downright scary, especially after dark.

Yes Christmas queues! CAn't comment on the tenn as most time there are "mature" agents.

Moorefiled rd ...yes a bit dishevelled but not scary. It is well lit and loads of passers by. Of course they are many immigrants and other ethnics like me, including loads of children. I am used to it I guess!

Here are the latest crime stats for the Bruce Grove ward that includes Moorefield rd.

Here they are for Harringay and West Green wards which include Turnpike Lane

and Noel Park which includes both Turnpike Lane and Wood Green tube stations.

Here they are for Crouch End.

So it make LOOK scary but it isn't any worse than so many other areas in London that actually have far worse croimes rates. There is a very strong sense of community here and we get a bad name for several reasons.

I'm just not used to being accosted by men I don't know, I guess. Which is what happened to me once on that street, on my way to the sorting office.

and looking at the crime stats, there's one report of "violence and sexual offences" right by the sorting office!  So sorry if I'm not particularly reassured...



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