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Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with their post deliveries recently? We've had 3 items go missing/been opened in the last month. I'm going to contact Royal Mail- not expecting them to do very much but was interested to know if anyone had had similar experiences on The Ladder?

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We had a letter for an address in Bath the other day. The only thing the same as our address was the house number and the first letter of the road name. We've also had at least one time (possibly two) in the last two weeks that a card's been put through the door saying they tried to deliver a "signed-for" item when we were in and no-one rang the bell or knocked the door.

Yeah I've had them do that too, can't work out what the point of doing it is though other than to be really annoying!!!

Yes indeed! Never more problems than here, but the irony is that I got a form from Royal Mail asking what day of the week said form was delivered - no doubt in a secret-shopper manner. 

Sadly for them there was an 'any other comment' section which I overloaded - it sounded made up, but one incident happened literally the day after the form arrived: A birthday card for my son which took a week to arrive, was found on the doorstep - and the little envelope inside the card was opened too. That little envelope contained a cheque, and I can only imagine that the perpetrator had a bout of guilt after realising they could not do anything with a cheque! Haven't heard back yet, but I only posted it back around ten days ago! Terrible.

Same thing here with a letter for my daughter being opened and a bracelet taken out. Also a bank card taken and now something just never delivered. Drives me mad that there's nothing you can really do about it but well done for bothering to write anything back to them.

That'll be all the temporary Christmas staff I guess  

We have had three or four cards through our letterbox on occasions over the past months when one of us was at home. Our doorbell and knocker both work. It must take longer to write the card than wait, so I can't understand why it happens.

Not quite the ladder, but about a month ago I got off a W5 in Endymion Road and found a batch of undelivered post for different local addresses (held together by two rubber bands) lying on the front garden wall of a house. I couldn't see a post-person anywhere nearby, so took them to the "post office" substitute in Green Lanes. The guy behind the counter wasn't in the least bit interested, but luckily a real postwoman happened to turn up with some parcels, expressed great concern and took them back to the sorting office. I'd thought they might have dropped un-noticed from a bag, but now wonder if this was connected to the other incidents mentioned here. I was glad a real Royal Mail person was able to field them because I'm not convinced the guy in the shop would have done anything other than put them back in a pillar box if left to his own devices, let alone report it. 



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