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Has anyone been experiencing problems in getting parcels through? 3 of mine (ordered in November) seem to have gone missing / delayed. I know Christmas is always a busy time but seems a lot worse then normal even with covid. 

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I'm also waiting for two parcels to be delivered. One order was placed in late November and the other in early December.

The teens of the house seem to be receiving their eBay orders in reasonably good time though...

I've had two parcels returned to the sender because they had an 'incorrect address' (checked with both senders and they both had the right address).  I'm working from home at the moment so there's always someone in the house during the day and they definitely didn't try to deliver here

I recognise there's issues with absences and increased volume, but what I can't fathom is why these seem to particularly affect a few roads in our area, and that they were similarly affected during the last lockdown. What is unique to our post, and why hasn't it been resolved in the interim?

Waiting for 2 plus weeks for post, same as last time. 

It seems to be the North London Delivery Centre.  A friend lives over at Turnpike Lane which has a different office serving it and hasn’t had a single problem all year.  Makes me wonder about the management of the north London office 

I think this is very likely the issue. It seems like it's massively I've-capacity during normal times - I've often had things delayed and visited for a parcel and been told it's not there, only to persist and have them find it 20 minutes later.

How do we switch sorting office? 

We can’t I’m afraid.  Each sorting office covers a defined geographical area 

Are you experiencing problems with courier services or Royal Mail? Are you send or receiving, when you say "getting parcels through"?

I've had no parcels to send at all, all courier-conveyed parcels have arrived so far (touch wood!) & I have very few to receive by Royal Mail (although 1 has apparently gone missing for something I didn't actually order but that is another matter)

However, 2 Christmas cards I've sent so far, among about 50, have been returned to me within 2 days of posting; no Royal Mail label on the front of the envelope to say they can't be delivered, no - what is clear to me is that the Post Office sorting staff have seen my small return address labels I've stuck on the backs & somehow thought that that address is where the cards are to go, instead of the larger handwritten addresses on the fronts where the stamps are! (I use these labels to ensure my friends have my correct address & because various charities seem to send them to me; they have potential to promote the charities.)

This shows that Royal Mail are being a bit careless, or are short staffed.

Perhaps this year as people cannot get together for Christmas in person, more people are posting items & the infrastructure cannot cope. + It's not just because of safe-distancing rules, the current queues seen outside the Post Offices, as I go by, are far longer than one would expect for this time of year.

The Post Office & Royal Mail evidently haven't anticipated this extra requirement, or haven't anticipated adequately enough.

Only when a problem appears will an organisation spend money on extra staff to sort it out - if any measures are taken it will probably be too late for Christmas delivery. It's really annoying when you've paid for the service (the Royal Mail basic service is I think extremely good value) & have little redress for compensation unless you pay the somewhat extortionate Special Delivery cost (even more for a Saturday delivery - as if at makes much difference these days!).

The issue is only with Royal Mail, and receiving packages. I'm currently waiting on about half a dozen which have been delayed for between 10-15 days, and my partner similarly. Many things I've had to cancel and reorder off Amazon, as the risk of other retailers using RM is not worth it. 

Morning Rosamund.  The problem seems very specific to the North London Delivery Office, the one that serves Harringay and Crouch End, rather than something more systemic, from what was said in the letter to David Lammy (see my post a bit further up the thread)

I had a large amount of rather aged post through my door yesterday but no parcels I’m expecting

Well, yes I saw the earlier replies after I'd typed my comment, Michael - the earlier ones hadn't loaded for some reason - but in my case it's taken 2 days for my cards to be sent back to me, postmarked on the back - so that's my local sorting office cocking it up, at Moorfield Rd N17 presumably.

Oh dear, it seems the disease is even more widespread!

We've got 3 orders from retailers that have only come through in parts - awaiting further deliveries. Im not sure but I think this won't become better with Brexit looming. Heard of delays about parcels being sent or received from mainland Europe already.



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