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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

In this discussion where HoLfolk are welcoming a new member from nearby West Tottenham and discussing some bars/restaurants she might try, Dermot floated the idea of a HoLRoughGuide to Harringay/Haringey.

"Whatcha all reckon?", Dermot asks.

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A thought here - some while back I set up a group for HoL on Qype, the shopping/eating/local services recommendation site. That could be used, if nothing else.
Excellent idea, but perhaps without the word 'Rough' in the title :)
'Rogue' perhaps (or even 'rouge' as in 'rouge landlords' - cf HMO thread, recently.)
I quite like 'Discover' or 'Explore' for what it's worth... But the idea of an off the beaten track type area guide is definately a 'good un' IMO
I reckon it is a great idea - happy to contribute
it was my 'hello' that prompted this and I just wanted to say have learnt so much about what's happening locally in one afternoon than I have in a whole year of living here - so a huge thanks to everyone who replied and made me feel very welcome.
I think this is a fantastic idea and I do think it would be great to raise the profile of some the less obvious areas to go for a drink or food or just to generally find what's going on. For the first time since moving here I actually went home last night feeling quite positive and looking forward to exploring all of the suggestions that were made. Pretty much everyone I know dismisses this part of the Borough and also Wood Green for its slightly dodgy reputation but actually there is so much going on!!!!
Obviously I can't really contribute hugely as I don't know where most places are but would be happy to help write a review
Great idea, have just signed up to the Qype group.

I meant to post about setting up this sort of thing earlier - as I'm increasingly aware there are all sorts of places nearby ish that I don't know anything about (known unknowns ...).

For example, someone at a recent drink mentioned a great restaurant near Tottenham Hale, whose name I have promptly forgotten - it would be fantastic to be able to have it all written down somewhere.

And welcome again Tamara!
Hi Alison
I think I might know this one - is it the Lock - the food there is meant to be fantastic - I also think there is the Ferry inn nearby as well?
I've been to the Ferry Boat, its on the bridge just past Tottenham Hale. It's great for (sunday) lunch, especially if you combine it with a walk down the canal.
ahh, that has made me think Liz... The Ferry Boat Inn, (or FBI as it was referred to by a few locals) had an orchard out the back, sometimes they would let customers with kids go and pick some fruit. Going back nearly 30 years ago.

The Antwerp has always been a locals pub... except on match days, the drinks are served in plastic cups prior to, and just after the game (as with all the pubs in the immediate area of the Spurs ground) many of the regulars wouldn't bother as it gets so busy. I know several of the regulars and they have been going there for 30 plus years.

The Jolly Angler on station road (near the tube) is well worth a try... years ago they would never play music in there, it was a good place to meet up for a chat! Now they do play music and guess what... it's still a pretty good place to meet up and have a chat. Haven't been in there for a while though.
I also have a guide on Qype for family friendly places. Its open so please feel free to add new places in and around Harringay.
As a first stop check out our Local Cafe & Restaurant Recommendations group on the site here. Then over on Qype, there's the Qype HoL group.



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