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Has anyone else noticed the rooster near Burgoyne Road?  I am finding it quite an effective alarm clock!


Seriously though - is it bothering anyone else? The 5am wakeup calls have been driving me mad over the last month.



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You mean a Cockerel unless you are from US/Aus/NZ. What breed is it ?
I'm from NZ. I hear it. It may be a rooster, it may be a cockerel. For want of an accurate, geographically neutral breed descriptor, let's call it Annoying Bird.
I'm from Ireland, so it's definitely a rooster (though now they have a breed of potato called 'rooster'). Anyway it must be at least six centuries since an English poet could dare pen a poem beginning: "I have a pretty cock . . ." Even then I'm sure s/he was a woman poet. So call it whatever spares your blushes.

I haven't heard it. Sounds intriguing (and annoying - poor you).

I used to hear a sheep or goat last year on Burgoyne but that has disappeared now.

Its only a matter of time before the Bengal (cat) nutter finds and disposes of the cockerell I reckon....!



I have not heard it either - though I was also going to mention about the Bengal cat, though you already have!  I often break a fight between the Bengal cat and other cats by hosing water at him.  I see and hear your cat often attacked or threatened by him.

I'm from NZ, so its definitely a rooster! No idea what breed it is, but its quite noisy. I think it might be on Umfreville Road or in one of the south facing Burgoyne Rd gardens.

I manage to sleep through it pretty well, but it's been annoying my other flatmates. 


However, a friend of a new flatmate who's moving in, lives on a road between Burgoyne and the park (not sure which one) and apparently it's their next door neighbour's rooster. So not on Burgoyne Road.


I could find out? But I'm not sure what could be done... well I can think of one thing, but I wouldn't advocate that! :)

Are there any rules about owning farmyard animals in the 'suburbs' I wonder?

The RSPCA may be interested if there is an animal welfare issue. I wonder how it is being kept and in what conditions...

I know the council only considers complaints dogs and no other animals....




Sutton council's rules regarding keeping chickens. Sounds fairly generally applicable.

Crowing cockerels can be considered an issue for the noise team to deal with.


I live on Burgonye but the north side and have not heard anything. I am going to listen out for it now though. Was there really a goat living there too?!

Thanks everyone - i'll make some inquiries at the Council and find out what the rules are. I wouldn't mind so much if the annoying bird was less noisy - and we probably get the worst of it because we sleep on the top floor of one of the south facing flats!


As for goats - i've not seen any, just moles, foxes, and squirrels (and lots of cats) near me.

I definately used to hear a goat or sheep "baa-ing" last year, around April-May time. I'm on the north side too. It was very strange!



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