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Over the past few years, there's been a surge of interest in urban beekeeping, mostly on a small scale by amateur beekeepers. Fortnum & Mason is now taking the practice to a new level—the famous London retailer has placed four hives on the roof of its 181 Piccadilly building. From where, as Fortnum's describes, the bees are able to "fly high above Mayfair, visiting the grounds, gardens and squares of the best addresses in London, gathering rather superior nectar." (The colony was previously housed by Fortnum's in Shropshire and Oxfordshire.)

Pollen from chestnut and lime trees, as well as a wide variety of other flowering plants, is expected to make for a delicate urban honey, which will be on sale from May 2009. A 227g jar of Piccadilly Honey will be priced at £10. Completing the picture, Fortnum & Mason offers an up close view of the palatial beehives via two webcams.

Read more and see the beecams here.

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The bees are supplied by and hives managed by Steve Benbow of the London Honey Company. Steve beelieves you can get away with putting hives in an urban setting practically anywhere.
If anyone is interested in checking out local beehives go to the organic garden at the back of Queen's Wood cafe, where you'll find two hives.

Something a little more further afield; Honey hunting in Bangladesh (youtube video)
If anyone is interested in knowing more about beekeeping there is a support group locally with classes and a whole system of lending a hive with bee 'buddies' to help out; for more info google North London Beekeepers . Theres a taster day coming up on 20 th June.
Or click here on North London Beekeepers. :o)
Here's an update from Al Jazeera on the plight of bees and London's contribution to saving the bee:



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