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When we bought our house a few years ago, the survey identified rising damp. We now want to get this looked at, but are worried any surveyor will say we need work done regardless so they can make money off us. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone independent to come and have a look?



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I had two damp-proofing companies survey my house when I moved in in 1994 - they produced plans of where there was apparently damp which exactly fitted into each other, i.e. were exactly opposite. I did nothing about it and almost thirty years later have had no problems with damp.

I have used these


They were good, not amazing. Good in that they are independent (they don't carry out rectification work) and identified a number of issues and possible causes. Not amazing in that they weren't the magic bullet we hoped for with definitive answers of do this and it will fix this but I think that is difficult with damp.

We also had these come round for a free inspection https://citydampproofing.com/ and they perfectly illustrated your concerns about saying you'll need work done regardless. They barely looked at anything and went straight to recommending a chemical damp-proof course (in fact their inspection was so cursory that they didn't notice that a chemical damp-proof had previously been done).

It's an area rife with cowboys so I would certainly go with someone independent.

It's worth having a read of this before you employ anyone.

Thanks all!

Regency Preservation. They carried out damp proofing along one side of my flat. When I called them out another time for a different wall, the assessment was that it was on account of a overflowing gutter and recommended that it was repaired.

There is a Facebook page on old houses. They are very knowledgeable about damp in old houses. It’s called ‘Your old house UK - repair and conservation’ you will need to join as its members only but they are really helpful. You might find some answers from other posts. Likely to save you lots of money and time and perhaps making it worse. 



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