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A Rhodes beer mat from the mid-20th Century. You have to wonder if the company's marketing slogans helped to cement its demise!

Rhodes Brewery was established in 1851. It was based at no. 27 Clarendon Road just north of the Wightman Road / Turnpike Lane junction. An adjoining house was occupied by Samuel Rhodes in 1880 and S. F. Rhodes from 1917 to 1939. From 1923 the brewery itself was managed by V. F. Rhodes. Brewing may have continued until 1957 and bottling until 1959 but from 1960 Rhodes & Co. dealt only in wines and spirits made elsewhere.

Vincent Frank Rhodes died in 1961, living fairly modestly at 15 Lakenhall, Southgate. In his will he left nearly £40,000, a tidy sum in those days.

An intriguing mid-20th century selection of beers. (Click image to enlarge)

The site of Rhodes Brewery today. (Click the picture to go to this location on Google Maps)

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Do you know how/if related to the Rhodes who sold the land for Alexandra Park? - living Tottenham Wood Farm by Rhodes Avenue Primary School.

Sorry, that's all I have. Mebbe Bruce Castle?

That would be interesting to know since those Rhodes were distantly related to Cecil, of blessed memory.

Some enterprising soul needs to start up a micro craft ale brewery and bring back brewing to Hornsey! Might even get a grant from the council a la Chicken Town ...

Fascinating facts addendum:

Other Occupants of the 'Old Hornsey Brewery'

Whilst it seems likely that the brewery was always owned by the Rhodes family, it was apparently leased out for some of its history. 

In 1886 it was occupied by Alexander & Co and from 1888 till 1920 by R. Caffyn & Son, brewing ale and 'Invalid Stout'. From 1923 the brewery was managed by V. F.Rhodes.

The Cable London Connection

Cable London (now the cable arm of Virgin media) had one of its main bases in Clarerndon Road in the 1980s and 1990s. Their technical and engineering centre, satellite dish farm and some sales staff were in various buildings in Clarendon Road including Progress House (late 1980s onwards; headquarters until August 1994).

One of the buildings was on the site of the former Hornsey Brewery; this was marked in about 1996 by the commissioning of a special ale (brewed by Woodforde's of Norfolk) that was issued in commemorative bottles, with a label that was in the style of the Hornsey Brewery's but which bore the Cable London logo.

I've just managed to locate an old photo which shows the brewery, though not as its main subject. You can see the picture here.

I was born on Clarendon Road ,5 houses up from Rhodes Brewery ,

Rhodes Brewery was the landlord of our house and many others on the street 



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