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Out in Harringay today and noticed way too many people are ignoring or have no understanding of social distancing. In Sainsbury's today people were too close together in the queues. When I maintained the recommended 2 metre distance someone took the opportunity to jump in front of me in the queue!!! Already bad tempered as a result of all of this and this made me even more angry.

Then in the local grocery shop again saw many people huddled too closely for comfort. A man and his two sons came in and stood way too close as I was paying and totally ignored me when I said it was too close.

I am sure none of us want even tougher measures put in place as our movements are already restricted so it would be great if everyone could just be a bit more mindful when they are on a (rare) trip out.

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Ha. Same thing happened to me in Sainsbury’s on Saturday. Green Lanes is a world unto its own so I don’t have high hopes for compliance among the local lay persons.

I heard some shops have a "1 in, 1 out" policy at the moment - is there a list of these?

I thought the tough stance introduced from today would have made people think harder. I don't want to get to a point where they are introducing curfews. I don't even want to start going into worst-case scenarios on here as I think most of us are already stressed but people need to start behaving differently

I hadn't been out for 3 weeks but went to Green Lanes yesterday and found it really hard to socially distance even on the pavement - will not be going out again if I can help it,

Restrictions in shops are long overdue.

My husband now goes out with a steel tape measure - if he has to queue he extends it to 2 metres so people can see how far back to stand....unfortunately we havent got one of those wooden folding rulers carpenters used to have!! It gives the encroacher an idea!

My experience also. The tightly packed interior layout of these shops is an additional challenge.

The same goes for parks. A BBQ in Chestnuts Park has 15 people around it. 

This happened yesterday too. See the separate discussion on this forum, headed "Flagrant flouting of new coronavirus rules in Chestnuts Park".

This is surely a matter for the police: try ringing 07920 233794. (Twitter handle: @MPSStAnns)

is that the local police mobile number? i got a different number from a leaflet

I found it online somewhere -- via Twitter, I think. I would try the number you got from the leaflet though and see how it goes.

I was in one of the local shops in Green Lanes and the woman behind the counter came and stood close behind me on the way to have a cigarette. When I said "please dont stand so close to me" she rolled her eyes and asked why I didn't stay home. I dropped my intended purchases and walked out.

Sadly, this does not surprise me at all. Some people just don't, or won't, get it -- still.



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