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Apologies - I know that there's lots of info on here about parking permits, but I couldn't find anything completely up to date, and from reading previous threads I feel like the council changes its mind on this as often it changes its proverbial socks! I'm probably going to get a car in the next short while (could be days, could be a few weeks), but I'm trying to figure out how to manage the bit between when I apply for a residential parking permit and when it actually arrives.  I have to have the logbook in my name (and address), which means I'll have to have already bought the car when I apply for the resident's permit, but I'll need to park it somewhere when I get it, but then the permit takes 5 working days to arrive.  The obvious answer is to use visitor permits in the meantime - is this the right thing to do?  And I note that visitor permits take the same amount of time to arrive as the resident's one, so if I don't have enough already (which I think is the case), I'll have to find some from somewhere or find somewhere else to park or delay my car purchase until the visitor permits arrive - again, is this right?  Or am I missing some magic thing that solves this issue?  Thanking ye muchly.

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You can get one or more 2 week permits which if needs be you can turn up and buy over the counter at the "one stop shop". You need the car registration but the car doesn't need to be registered to you. All permits take time to order online. I ordered some on 27th Jan which haven't turned up yet.
Thanks Antoinette!
Oh, and they ask the make, model and colour too... but you'd know that if you were buying the car (obviously!)

Hi. Was in a similar situation recently when I bought a new car and needed to change the permit over to my new car.

When you buy the car you will be given a small part of the logbook which basically states that you have bought the car, until the full document arrives in the post about 2 weeks later. This small slip is sufficient to get your permit, along with proof of residency. Take it to the offices in Station Road, along with proof of residency ( I think the website says what proof is needed). They should be able to give you a permit.

Don't expect any two council employees to give you the same information. I had to tell them what it says on their website. They tried to tell me I would need to purchase a 2 week permit for £26 until the full V5 document was sent, and then purchase the years permit. When I told them that my years permit (low emissions) was £26 (the same price as a 2 week permit) they couldn't see the irony!

Good luck - and if you go to Station Road offices, take a packed lunch, and maybe something for dinner.

You can't get a resident's parking permit with just the slip off the V5.

I did. It may be because in my case it was a transfer of permit from one car to another as opposed to applying for a new resident permit.

This is what the website says you need for a new resident permit:-

What you'll need to have

To apply online for a resident parking permit for the first time, you will need the following information:

  • Valid registration document (commonly referred to as the logbook or V5 document). In the absence of a full logbook, please provide us with a bill of sale and the new keeper's supplement. Please note that we cannot accept a new keeper's supplement on its own as proof of vehicle ownership. If you do not have the required documents, please email Permits-Vouchers@haringey.gov.uk to apply for a temporary permit
  • Proof of residency, such as a utility bill dated within the last 3 months or a tenancy agreement. If you are registered for council tax, you can provide your reference number (first 10 digits) in the application
  • A valid debit or credit card

New keepers supplement is the slip from V5. I took the bill of sale along as well, but they didn't ask to see it.It goes on to say if you need the permit urgently, to go to one of the Customer Service Centres.

Yes I think it might be different if you already have a permit. But I didn't and even with the Bill of Sale got nowhere.



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