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We want to replace our windows especially to reduce the constant traffic noise on Warham Rd! Anyone replaced their windows recently and willing to share experiences - good and bad. We'd prefer to use a small, local firm.

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Can highly recommend Acorn Sash Windows who restored my rattling old sashes- well priced, highly efficient and local. They do secondary glazing too. This wintter was by far the warmest and quietest I've had in my flat!
Brilliant - I'll check them out...thanks so much
THE Original Box Sash Window Co. are probably the best in terms of quality and appearance. I had some installed along one side for the main purpose of reducing the noise of the trains. They are double glazed although they don't look it. The seal is very good and they make a significant difference in muffling the trains. They're no bargain but worth considering.
I've booked an appointment for a quote. Heard they're pricy - really helpful to know quality good. Thanks for letting me know.
Is this the same as the Original Double Glazed Sash Window Co? A couple of years ago they gave me a quote for reinstating the ones at the front to look like the originals - £27,000! The guy I spoke to was very nice and helpful... and he made me laugh.
We used Chase Windows of Enfield to supply and fit our replacement double-glazed timber sashes. Again, not as cheap as uPVC (yuk) but very good quality.
Thanks so much - agree uPVC not ok!
We recently used Acorn Windows to renovate ours. They are based on Green Lanes. We are very happy with the work and Dominic is lovely.
Hi, I am just getting secondary glazing put in as it reduces noice, more than double glazing .Its also easier as I have shutters . The firm I am usiing is local, family owned, called 'City Sound'. If you call Andy, 07973 158 622 he can tell you more. Just say its from Maggi at no 21 so he knows where you found him !
Hi - we had the wooden sash windown replaced with upvc sash double-gazed units in our flat on warham road (go have a look if you like, upstairs of no. 58)... the reduction in noise and draft was incredible.. would thoroughly recommend them, and they look really good from the street too. Before having that done they were very cold in winter and always very noisy. We looked at the replacement wooden sash option, but to be honest, was so expensive and always going to result in some noise/draft infiltration - plus the regular painting/upkeep. We used a small company for ours, don't go with any of the big windown companies - they lie and charge an arm and a leg plus i've heard the fitting/service can be terrible (and sub-contracted so you get very little overall accountability). We got a really good service and good price, happy to chat more and pass on contact details for them if you want to drop me a mail
We had double glazed uPVC sashes put in some years ago - our house had lost its wooden sashes years ago. We simply could not afford good quality wooden ones. I have to say the Upvc ones fit perfectly, open and close easily, they cut noise out, are draft proof, maintance free and you would be hard put to spot them - except they don't have peeling paint on them.

Hi Paul

I know your original post was over a year ago but I'm looking to get some windows put in and your advise on UPVC sash was very interesting. Can I ask who you used to install? 



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