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Following the hoo-hah back in July, this from the council

The McDonald’s franchise holder in Harringay has agreed to pay for the replacement of trees outside the restaurant following discussions with Haringey Council.

Eleven trees were removed from the site in the summer during refurbishment work on the car park. The franchise holder told the council that once work on the car park started, contractors discovered the tree roots had caused extensive damage to the drainage system, which is essential for surface water flood management in the area.

Tree works were not submitted as part of the application to make changes to the site. However, the trees were on private land and were neither in a conservation area or subject to tree preservation orders (TPOs).

In Spring 2023, a mixture of 12 new native trees, including birch, hornbeam and lime, will be planted by the council to improve biodiversity – eight in tree pits on the pavement outside McDonald’s, with four others nearby on Green Lanes. 

Each of the trees will be typically 8-10 years old and up to 4 metres tall and planted with barriers to avoid the roots causing damage.

Publication date:November 4, 2022

Fair play to the council (and even to the franchisee). They've sorted it.

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I moved into a garden flat last year and there is an elder (probably self-seeded) in my garden I've been thinking about chopping down and replacing with something more considered. But now I've seen the birds flocking to it I can't bring myself to do it. Having a garden has opened up a whole new world of London nature to me. I had no idea so much existed behind the Victorian facades of the streets in my area! Since moving to London 16 years ago I had always lived on estates until last year.



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