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Hi there,

I have recently moved back to Hampden road (north of Harringay Ladder) and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for vets for my 2 cats (one of whom is blind and deaf) in this area?

I have read good things on this website about Hills and also Zasman but they are a few years old so am wondering if anyone has had recent experience of either of them?

Thanks so much!

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Thanks Vanessa 

Another vote for Hills

Thanks so much Lauren. 

Hills (RIP Mrs Hills who died recently), left Zasman after a bad experience years ago.

We had a bad experience with Zasman recently. Our cat had a blocked nose, and rather than carry out a blood test, they gave her an invasive procedure under general anaesthetic. Long story short, a blood test showed what the problem was, and we were charged £1,600 for the procedure, which we found out we couldn't subsequently claim, as the cat's booster jabs weren't up to date so insurance wouldn't pay up. Jabs had nothing to do with the procedure but, as we all know, insurance will do anything to get wriggle out of a payment. We brought the jabs up with the vet, who told us they could be done after the procedure. So... unnecessary, expensive procedure that we couldn't subsequently claim on. We have since moved vets. 

Hills. Also left Zasman after bad experience.

Thanks so much everyone! 
It’s just great to have access to this brilliant online community. 

Zasman’s in West Green Rd weren’t very good so we stopped using them and went back to East Barnet Vets in Cat Hill. It’s a bit of a journey but well worth it in our case as they specialise in dogs with dodgy joints.

Hills are great. Zasman are appalling. 

We were with Zasman for years but after one terrible experience we moved to Arc Vets in Muswell Hill. Unlike Zasman, which is now part of Medivet, Arc is an independent.

Hills weren't accepting new clients when we adopted a new cat a couple of months ago. We could register her because we were existing clients, and we absolutely wouldn't go anywhere else given the choice, but you could make a long conversation shorter when you call them by asking up front if they are now accepting new clients!



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