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The plug to my Henry hoover is acting funny (I have to jiggle the cord a bit for it to turn on). 

Is there a shop or some person near the Ladder who can fix this? Or should I just bin poor Henry?




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You don't know how to replace a plug ?

You must have grown up before the days of the moulded non-openable plug, John D.  (Like me).

I grew up in the days of the 5 and 15A round pin plug :-)

I would be happy to, if she would like to contact me.

No, I don't! I didn't know this was a thing! 

And actually I don't know if it's the plug that's not working properly or if it's some other part of the cord..... 

It's all a mystery to me! 

snail, here's a link to a previous Henry hoover discussion (really!). The repair shop in Middle Lane in Crouch End has had recommendations before. And if you're not confident about safely replacing the plug yourself, much better to pay an electrician to do it right.

Thanks Gordon T! 

London KBE
562 Lordship Ln, London N22 5BY
Hours; 10am - 5pm
ph 8889 9709

Your right it'll be the cord at the end. People stretch the cord too far & then the connection becomes intermittent. The guy at this place does this kind of repair. I haven't been there for years though so check they're still a going concern.
Think they are still there, used them before and was going to recommend them.

There is a shop that sells vacuum cleaners in Wood Green market (at the back of the Shopping Centre). They do repairs for Henry vacuum cleaners. I have not used them for a while but they provided a very good service at a very reasonable prices.

There was a bloke on here that I gave our old broken Henry from the office to, I think he has a pal that fixes them, looking through my old messages he is j jones on here, he might be able to put you in touch

lol yes it's my friend pete ... in most cases they can be fixed, i was keeping quite because people were offering to help for free :)

he currently has a spare working top that you could have in exchange for £15 plus the old 'broken' top ... if none of the other options pan out.



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