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Recommendations for garden tidy up and landscaping design consultation

Hi there, can anyone recommend someone to provide tidying up/ clearance work for our garden at a competitive price. We've recently moved and both the front and back are overgrown with mainly grass, some brambles, so would like to get a quote to have this cut back and generally tidied up so we can see what plants were there and the original layout.

Also interested in combining with a consultation for future improvement ideas and landscaping/design work both front and back.

Thank you!

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Phone Sam. She has transformed my garden from something that looked like a ploughed field full of junk, into a a little bit of paradise. I can show you before and after photos, if you like. She lives on the harringay ladder and I think her firm is called Islington gardening services. They came, saw and conquered in 3 or 4 days. They worked like demons and I was delighted with how little it all cost. They are lovely to have around and, as I had no idea about what would look nice, I left the design entirely up to her and she made my garden lovely. Let me know if you want pics. Her number is 07759 022438

Great! Thanks for recommendation. Yes would love to see before and after pix too. How much did it cost?

Hi suze.
They charge £25 per man hour.
I cannot work out how to send a photo or video to this site.
If you want to have a look at the garden, I live on crouch hall rd. No. 8.
Your welcome to come over for a peek. Alternatively, you can explain how to send you a photo. Sorry to be so rubbish. Lisa x

Hi Suze,  Agnes does a lot of local garden maintenance/planting and also can help identify what's there and do design ideas. If you message us we can give contact details.


Hello Suze, are you still looking for a gardening company?

I can recommend Fantastic Gardeners. They do both small jobs such as gardening maintenance and also offer landscaping services, so I believe they're you go to guys. Here is their number 020 3404 2272, hope I've been helpful.



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