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Hi HOLers,

Can anyone recommend a gardener who would be able to help out my elderly neighbours? Paid, of course. They would like their back garden tidied up as it has got away from them a bit this spring. Ability to speak Russian would be a bonus, but not essential.


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I have a friend Harriet (Hat) in Stoke Newington who is an excellent gardener. She's done similar tidy-ups in our garden on many occasions. 

I think she's away at the moment, but back after Sunday.

I just need to check with her that I can post her number, but DM me and I can send it direct.


That would be cool, Thanks Dan.

I've "connected" with you, but i think you need to confirm before we can DM

Hi Dan 

Do you know roughly how much she Charges ? 

Hi Ali , my partner Agnes does gardening work-cutting, weeding, planting, etc. rather than heavy duty landscaping/fencing if that is the type of work required.  Will be very reasonable.

Please reply to get contact details.

Hi. Could i have the contact details for gardening please? Finola

Hi Finola,

I'll DM you the details of the guy I used. I have to send you a contact request first, as that seems to be how it works 'round here.


Sorry Ali, I missed this!!  I had already gotten Agnes details and she came around today and did a great job!  

Thank you - I've actually got a guy now, but will bear you in mind if we need anything in future.

Hi DM, I am looking for some help with weeding and cutting back off some rather overgrown plants.. Would Agnes be able to help me? Kind regards Ella

Hi Ella, great that Finola was happy with the work. Do you want to direct message and i can give you Agne's contact details.  dave

Hi  I am looking for someone to cut hedges at my elderly mothers house. Would Agnes be interested?



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