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I just wanted to recommend Disney's on Green Lanes for carpets. 

We needed something quite quickly to get a room done and were looking for a mid-grey colour (there aren't many grey carpets about!). Disney's were excellent, with a really good selection and we've ended up with a really nice 100% wool berber-style carpet for a very reasonable price.

Disney's (and their fitter) were efficient, met our tight deadline for fitting date, flexible about storing some more carpet for us prior to installation in other rooms and without any salesy rubbish. They answered all our questions knoweldgably and really seemed to know what they were doing.

Although it does say carpets on the store-front I wasn't quite expecting such a vast choice as we found at the back of the store.

I think we've just lost the carpet shop further up green lanes (shops opp. Salisbury pub) and be warned, Carpetright in Homebase were an ABSOLUTE JOKE... couldn't answer the simplest question and the salesman was useless.

We've been really pleased with Disney's so check them out! 

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Yes I like Disneys. We bought our three piece suite from them and two armchairs quite some time ago. They still look good. I didn't realize they did carpets which I will remember when we come to changing ours.

I do thoroughly approve of the Shop Local appeal. I too found what I wanted nearby on Friday.

I need to send tactile gifts to my son who is blind; he is happy living in America but prefers our chocolate so I was pleased to find Santa and other Christmas chox with a variety of animals in the Park Road shop here in Crouch End; I think it is called Dainty something and the young owner makes a lot of the items herself.

I too went to Disney's recently.  The owner pointed me towards carpets more suitable for brand new kittens and the estimator came the same day.  It was fitted beautifully, the price was very reasonable and the overall effect is wonderful.

The carpet which I replaced had been on the stairs/landing and had been from Carpet Right so I'd initially gone back there.  Useless.  Arranged for an estimate on a particular day and someone eventually rang me to say the guy hadn't turned up and offered me the following morning, even though he'd made a note that evenings or weekends were best.  He didn't sound as if he gave a wossname either.  Determined not to go back there again and, now I've had such success from Disney's, definitely won't even entertain the thought of CR!!

A carpet for brand new kittens? I'd be worried that the carpet wouldn't last long with kittens about, our cats love doing their claws on our persian rugs... Do you mean a carpet for your kitchen? I'm curious now!

Oh I had to get new carpet and it's on stairs and landing - as my previous cat had aged, so did her waterworks and she didn't always make it to the litter tray in time.  Couldn't have new kittens getting the wrong idea where the litter tray was, could I?    So far, so good.  Yes, they do scratch but it's so tightly woven there's no sign of any damage - yet!

Ah, thanks for the clarification. Re-reading, it makes sense, the owner showed you a carpet that can withstand new kittens!



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