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Does anyone know of a good place to buy reclaimed scaffold boards? I'm looking for about 20 x 13ft for our decking.

They would need to deliver. 

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Branches of tool hire companies will sell used scaffold boards. At least I bought some from Alexandra Plant Hire on the A10...

I wouldn't think so..there's this place on Facebook marketplace offering delivery


The last time I needed scaffold boards, I researched buying recycled ones and I even reconnoitered the location of a yard I would have visited to collect them.  It proved difficult to handle, involving as it did phone calls on the day to check that the necessary stock was on hand and, in the end, I settled for new ones.  One batch in March was used initially as shuttering for a concrete base and afterwards as walk boards for gardening.  The second batch in August were for heavy shelving in a new storeroom.  In neither of these applications did it matter that scaffold boards are not treated against rot and not planed. The last ones I used for gardening were unusable after a few years on the ground.  The replacements I keep off the ground (hooked onto fence) until needed so they might survive outside a bit longer.

Google throws up companies offering used boards and delivery.

Hi - this place does in St Albans - not sure about delivery. They were part of a homeless charity and make furniture from reclaimed wood including recycled scaf boards http://www.stalbanswoodrecycling.org.uk/about/ 

Ive bought other timber through Dessy Stubbs on FB before and was happy with the service: - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1040957179710059/?ref=pro...

I think delivery was £40.

Not sure how Dessy fits in but this is their page - https://www.facebook.com/dovestimbersupplies/



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