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There is a plan to have various vigils around the country in Sarah Everard's memory, and for women's right to be safe on any street, at any time. One of these will be in Priory Park tomorrow (Saturday 13th) at 5pm. 

I think there is a dispute with the police as to whether these vigils can go ahead because of Covid, and they are planning to have an emergency hearing at the high court later today. If it goes ahead, masks and social distance will be emphasised. 

More information at reclaimthesestreets.com

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Will. How would you have dealt with this situation ?

Provide a light police presence and let them get on with it. Not that hard really.

And when some of the participants started throwing stuff at the  police who were trying to stop them clustering together ? And when the participants did not observe social distancing rules ?

Sadly last night's vigil was hijacked by a minority and if the Met had engaged with Reclaim These Streets then I am sure a way to protest safely could have been negotiated.

I know women who went to Clapham and the majority of the vigil was socially distanced and peaceful. 

Lots of other vigils went ahead last night including the one in Priory Park and were socially distant and safe. The vigil in Nottingham was short and socially distanced and gave women a chance to show their support. Why don't you watch the footage of that vigil instead?

I was 12 years old and in school uniform when I experienced my first sexual harassment in the street. I was followed a couple of weeks ago on the New River Path by a man. I was out in daylight walking my dog. I don't want my daughters to experience the same.

I knew I would look on here today and see criticism. No one is asking what can we do to help women feel safe in our own borough. 

Instead of blaming us for a small minority of individuals who broke the rules why don't you actually show some support for women??? I would love to see a post or a comment from some of you regulars on HOL asking what you can do to help? 

OK. What can I do to help ?

Maybe stop trolling this thread for a start.

It’s not really up to us to come up with suggestions on how to stop men intimidating &/or assaulting women. Have a chat with your mates, brothers, uncles, colleagues & ask yourselves what you can do. 


Thank you for your constructive suggestion.

I think many women are just very tired of being expected to come up with all the solutions to male violence particularly when we hold very little power in our society. 

I pretty much know if I make a list and share it here the responses will include "not all men", "you should get a taxi home" or "I don't do that and I don't know anyone who does that”.

Perhaps you could start a separate post asking "what could we as men do?". You are obviously a long standing and well respected member of HOL and I think people would listen to you.

You could sign and share Maya and Gemma's petition too: 


The sarcasm doesn’t help John. As Esther says, we’re just tired of being expected to adjust our behaviour, feel the constant fear & still then come up with the solutions to stop men harassing & assaulting women. Let me put it this way, if your home gets burgled, who would you ask for advice to prevent it happening again, the home owner, or a burglar? 

It wasn't sarcasm, It was a genuine thank you.

1. Police man is charged with murder of a woman, following extensive publicity about a missing person.

2. Women (and some men**) hold an unwise and (under Covid legislation) legally dubious gathering, putting themselves at risk of Covid infection.

3. Police (visibly almost all police men) break up gathering, using physical restraint documented by photos/videos.

Proportionality?  Not a good look, John D and Stav.

** [The Metropolitan Police Federation, representing frontline officers, says 26 of them were assaulted yesterday at Clapham - punched, kicked and spat at.

Pictures obtained by the Press Association clearly show three instances of officers being forcibly pushed and a van's wing mirror being deliberately vandalised. Guess what? All three instances involved men, not women.]   Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56394344



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