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There is a plan to have various vigils around the country in Sarah Everard's memory, and for women's right to be safe on any street, at any time. One of these will be in Priory Park tomorrow (Saturday 13th) at 5pm. 

I think there is a dispute with the police as to whether these vigils can go ahead because of Covid, and they are planning to have an emergency hearing at the high court later today. If it goes ahead, masks and social distance will be emphasised. 

More information at reclaimthesestreets.com

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Thank you for sharing this.

I hope it will be allowed to go ahead. 

There is an alternative way to show your support which is the doorstep vigil - light a candle on your doorstep, in your window, on your balcony etc

Well, the case at the High Court has been lost, so the large Clapham vigil can't go ahead. I suspect the smaller ones will also be cancelled but haven't seen confirmation of this yet. As Angela suggested, we may have to light a candle instead. Such a shame, as most women I know are really fired up by this and there is such a need to unite and show how we feel.

Covid safety is essential. But outside, masked and socially distanced - I think I'll still go to Priory Park if it's not cancelled.......

Sad that the case was lost. 

curious to know how Black Lives Matter matches could go ahead but not Reclaim These Streets? 

I think those in power want to keep us quiet or they might actually have to take some action.

It sounds like the police have some discretion about what can and can't go ahead. See this extract from Guardian online: 

Whether or not the events would go ahead was hanging on the balance on Friday evening after a judge refused an application by the organisers, Reclaim These Streets, to make “an interim declaration” that any ban on outdoor gatherings under coronavirus regulations was “subject to the right to protest”.

But Mr Justice Holgate suggested further communication between organisers and the police could be held “to deal with the application of the regulations and [the rights to freedom of expression and assembly] to this particular event”.

In a statement after the ruling, Reclaim These Streets said: “We are pleased that the judge spelled out in a detailed ruling that the law does not prevent the police from permitting and facilitating protest in all circumstances. The judge has made clear that the police must make their own decision about whether the protest can go ahead and that must include a proportionality balancing exercise.

“We call on the police to act within the law now and confirm that they will work with us to ensure that the protest can go ahead within the context of the overwhelming public response to Sarah Everard’s death.”

However, a statement from the Met urged people to “stay at home or find a lawful and safer way to express your views”.

Thanks Will. It's looking likely that there will be some 'virtual' events, or standing at doorsteps this evening. Organisers will be coming up with alternative suggestions soon. Sarah Everard's death; women feeling unsafe; Covid - it's all so tragic!.....!

Yes. Better still, they can be held in the coming months and this won't be another 5-day story churned through the news cycle. 

The vigil is still going ahead tonight. 


That's strange and a bit confusing. The main site is now telling everyone to have a "virtual doorstep vigil" with candles or lights of any kind, at 9.30pm.

This is what is being shared:

"This evening at 9.30pm we will be joining people around the country in a doorstep vigil, standing on our doorsteps and shiing a light - a candle, a torch, a phone -to remember Sarah Everard and all the women affected by and lost to violence. We invite all those who planned on attending a ReclaimTheseStreets events to join us."

In a year of extreme lows and shameful behaviours, scenes tonight have established a new benchmark for political and policing failure.



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