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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

There is a plan to have various vigils around the country in Sarah Everard's memory, and for women's right to be safe on any street, at any time. One of these will be in Priory Park tomorrow (Saturday 13th) at 5pm. 

I think there is a dispute with the police as to whether these vigils can go ahead because of Covid, and they are planning to have an emergency hearing at the high court later today. If it goes ahead, masks and social distance will be emphasised. 

More information at reclaimthesestreets.com

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Thank you for sharing this.

I hope it will be allowed to go ahead. 

There is an alternative way to show your support which is the doorstep vigil - light a candle on your doorstep, in your window, on your balcony etc

Sad that the case was lost. 

curious to know how Black Lives Matter matches could go ahead but not Reclaim These Streets? 

I think those in power want to keep us quiet or they might actually have to take some action.

Yes. Better still, they can be held in the coming months and this won't be another 5-day story churned through the news cycle. 

The vigil is still going ahead tonight. 


In a year of extreme lows and shameful behaviours, scenes tonight have established a new benchmark for political and policing failure.

Indeed. Just when we were making progress against Covid. 

I wonder how many of those selfish participants will contract Covid as a result of their stupid behaviour ? This was not the way to support one another.

A full year into the pandemic, it's quite an achievement to have missed all the scientific and fact-based evidence regarding the transmission of the virus. The answer to your question is almost certainly 'none'. 

So educate me. How is the virus transmitted ?




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