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I hope all you who have the vote in Harringay will remember tonight ( and certainly other nights to come ) and at the next election vote out the incompetent shower responsible for the introduction of the LTN.

My weekly 5-minute journey from Wightman Road to Green Lanes took 45 minutes, including  30 minutes to go the length of Hampden Road. Yes, I know that there was a burst water main. But in happier times traffic would have been distributed across the roads now blocked off and not confined to Green Lanes. Yes, I know that I could have taken a bus to sit in the same traffic jam as I did this evening but in any case there aren't any buses between my house and the bottom of Effingham Road. 

I understand the concerns of those residents living in the LTN who hope that the pollution in their streets will be reduced but don't the residents of Green Lanes, Turnpike Lane and Wightman Road breathe ? don't their children have lungs ?. Where did the Council think the LTN traffic would go ? 

And please don't suggest to this disabled person that I could have cycled.  I couldn't.

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Is this how Lime Prime works? I thought it gave you a free unlock (with a 30 minute window) but you were still paying the per minute charge. £8.99 for unlimited 30 minute rides per month seems very cheap compared to their normal prices.

I thought that  but its actually a giving  me free 30 minutes every time I jump on a bike. I was amazed at first. 

Interesting, thanks. I've been tempted but the price seemed very high. Will have to try it out and see what happens.

unfortunately thats exactly the kind of mentality that is wrong. the LTN is specifically designed to encourage people to think, "hey it would be easier to walk/cycle/scooter this 5 minute journey" that is precisely the point. One person out of a car can cut like 5 minutes of traffic, esp. if its from a road that enters a large junction. Often people are held up waiting here.

also I understand you have a disability, but the LTN exempts anyone with a blue badge. You can use whatever roads you previously used. Additionally, a water main plus digging up the road for 5g cables has lead to an uptick in roadworks this summer / fall. So I don't see the relationship between LTN and this traffic situation you described. 

LTNs block off alternative routes when a main road has roadworks or emergency lights; nowhere to go instead, hence huge tailbacks and frustration.

John D, please note that emergency vehicles and Blue Badge users can go through. 

Not when traffic is at a standstill.

Everyone is affected in some way by this disastrous, short sighted LTN scheme. As a bus user I now have longer journeys sitting in same traffic jams as John D mentions. Who benefits? How about making drive-through McDs a walk in only, that would reduce a bit of traffic. 

Walk-through McDonalds -- I love it! Your idea has legs. 

I do think drive-throughs are non-essential but then again I'm not addicted to them as some people seem to be. That McDs on that particular corner surely adds to the traffic jams and the pollution. 

Apparently, experience in other boroughs tells us that the initial settling in period takes between 3-6 months, after which a period of continued less dramatic adaptation follows. The council is already planning a series of minor adaptations to the schemes and is not ruling out major ones if they’re found to be necessary. Mike Hakata seems very confident that the situation will look very different by the Spring of next year

A lot of businesses will have gone under by Spring next year. The impact on them needs to be considered. 



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