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I hope all you who have the vote in Harringay will remember tonight ( and certainly other nights to come ) and at the next election vote out the incompetent shower responsible for the introduction of the LTN.

My weekly 5-minute journey from Wightman Road to Green Lanes took 45 minutes, including  30 minutes to go the length of Hampden Road. Yes, I know that there was a burst water main. But in happier times traffic would have been distributed across the roads now blocked off and not confined to Green Lanes. Yes, I know that I could have taken a bus to sit in the same traffic jam as I did this evening but in any case there aren't any buses between my house and the bottom of Effingham Road. 

I understand the concerns of those residents living in the LTN who hope that the pollution in their streets will be reduced but don't the residents of Green Lanes, Turnpike Lane and Wightman Road breathe ? don't their children have lungs ?. Where did the Council think the LTN traffic would go ? 

And please don't suggest to this disabled person that I could have cycled.  I couldn't.

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You are not alone! I live on Frobisher and the congestion on my road is finely attuned to any increase in traffic on Green Lanes. The traffic coming down Sydney and Hampden feeds onto Willoughby and has priority over vehicles trying to exit Frobisher. The result is the traffic backs all the way up Frobisher and it can take 30-40 minutes to drive from one end to the other.

This used to only happen at Christmas (everybody off to Wood Green to shop I suppose) but since the LTN was introduced there has regularly been pandemonium on Frobisher Road for hours. It’s not just today’s broken water main, it’s been happening daily ever since the LTN started. 


I feel your pain. And sorry from within the LTN. I didn’t want this and have said so on numerous threads.

 For all the confusion and disruption I still don’t see any stats that can confirm that the hoards from Mercia and Anglia have been discouraged from traversing Haringey. But who knows with a little more sunshine maybe they’ll evaporate as promised. 

It's not a minor inconvenience for disabled people and their carers, and many others.

I live within the St Ann's LTN and it most definitely has not made life safer for my children who have to get to and from secondary school and college.

There could  be a tipping point when traffic causes more deaths from lack of access by emergency services. This isn’t a great solution. It’s not like we have the benefit of the roads partly returned to a beautiful forest bar a meandering lane for light must-have electric vehicles only. It’s just a general shit show. 

What about the safety of the children living on Green Lanes, Turnpike Lane or Wightman Road ? Or indeed, anywhere on the Harringay Ladder ?

And I wouldn't describe a 5-minute journey taking 45 minutes as a minor inconvenience.

Trying to walk across West Green Road on the school run with the kids is even more frightening now & it was bad enough before the LTNs. No mitigation has been made for those of us on boundary roads, who now live in Increased Traffic Neighbourhoods. I support measures to reduce traffic but this has just pushed more traffic onto what was already designed as”London’s most unhealthiest high street”. 

I neither dismiss nor minimise any of the entirely reasonable concerns raised in this discussion thread. But can I mention for the record that the tag of "London's unhealthiest High Street” was based largely on the range of shops. It also seems to have confused West Green Road (2 km long) with statistics for the then Tottenham Green ward.

Yes, the indicator in this research was based around the diversity of the businesses. The name & stigma still remains. Is the LTN improving social, economic or environmental depravation on West Green Road? I hope so but it doesn’t look like it. Plenty of west green road residents didn’t even get a consultation letter about either of the adjacent LTNs.

As the report says “Average life expectancy for people living in Muswell Hill, the area with the healthiest ranked high street (in London), is approximately four and a half years longer than for those in Tottenham Green, where last-placed West Green Road is located”.

I can't believe such arrogance! 'Minor inconvenience'! you're talking about people's family lives, health and businesses being infringed. My husband needs the car to deliver goods he sells. It now takes him around 1hr45min at times to get home from work. I have health issues and it means less family time, but especially less time he can help me get dinner ready, get kids bathed etc. The kids now go to bed too late and are tired. I am anxious using the car as sitting in traffic really fatigues me, so I go to places less. Our school is not on one, but on 2 boundary roads. Our school run is on boundary roads - solely, no other option. We have no promised green screen - apparently, Haringey counc has not even contacted the school. These things are not 'minor inconveniences'. Tell me, what impact does the LTN have on you?

look at the accident stats even before the LTNs went in. They were predominantly on boundary roads. Yet more traffic is now o  these roads - yesterday at 4pm all along the 5 min run to school was idling cars. And up Philip Lane. I don't know what boundary road you live in, but the traffic here has certainly increased. So if you put kids' safety first, how does that make sense to put more traffic down roads that go along several schools were absolutely no additional measures have been put in place or are planned for the near future?

And yes, my husband will be in the car by himself, too, but that doesn't mean that he hadn't just dropped off goods or in fact carries them.

Eric — Crashmap.co.uk has irrefutable evidence from the pre-pandemic years that Green Lanes and West Green Road had monumentally more accidents than any or all of the St Ann’s (now LTN) roads put together. They are already both very dangerous roads without any extra traffic being added. It also shows that the whole St Ann’s scheme is predicated on a tiny number of accidents on just three roads in St Ann’s — all extremely regrettable, but in no way supportive of council claims that the whole area is a sea of “rat-runners” inexorably driven through by Waze.

If the area isn't a sea of rat-runners driven by Waze then where is all this extra traffic that people are complaining about coming from? 



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