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Really good hairdresser needed for drastic new haircut (for me anyway)

Hello Harringey!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a local hairdresser who can do fresh, modern styles?

I have extremely long hair and I want to get it chopped off in to a wavy bob, then donate the hair to little princesses charity.

I'm looking for someone really good because the last time my hair was cut short I looked like one of the Beatles :s

Would love your suggestions, thank you :-)

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Mel and her sister Chanel are very good at Vintage Hair. It's a lovely little salon on Quernmore Rd, by Harringay Station Tel 0203 092 6519 www.vintagehairlondon.co.uk

I would also recommend Mel as well! I went to her for the first time at the weekend and was really really pleased.

I had been going for years of going to a well known hairdressers on grand parade. I stopped going there after let's say poor customer care  one day (being shouted at by the manager!)

I thought I'd give Vintage Hair a try and so happy I did. I'll be going there from now onwards! 

If you want a really good Bob you should go to VIdal Sassoons. You can go to the acadamy as a model if you can't afford the salon.They will give you want you want. Sassoons still do the best haircuts, especially bobs.

My wife goes to Studio Stage Door in Muswell Hill. Japanese and very precise cuts.

Thanks for recommending this - I tried it today and had a very pleasant experience (which you can't always say about hairdressers!) and a decent cut.

I almost always go to Karizma which is by Harringay Green Lanes Station and have never given me a bad haircut.  But, I second the recommendation to go to Vidal Sassoon for your bob.  Over the past 12 years, when I want to really good new style, I try to get an appointment at their school close to Bond St Station.  It can be tricky to get an appointment, but they are the masters of the bob, it is really good value and you are guaranteed a very good cut.  It does take about 3 hours thought.

Yep Karizma do a good cut. I would recommend them. I have considered going to Vintage Hair so I would like to hear what you think of them if you end up going there

Interesting - I've always been so wary of getting my hair cut by a student!

I recently went for the chop myself though, and I've relaxed a lot about my hair. If you get a bad cut, it grows back! My hairdresser and I are still working out the final details of my new look (choppier next time, I think he cut it too all one length) but I'm happy I made the change.

The one time I went to Karizma I asked for a shaggy bob and got the sleekest hair I've ever had... I wasn't all that impressed.

hmmmm perhaps something was lost in translation. Quite a few of the hairdressers there don't speak English but there's usually someone there to translate. I usually manage to convey want I want

My husband is Vidal Sassoon trained, lives locally and works from home or offers travelling appointments in the comfort of your own home. I have dead straight hair and he has given me a mean Bob in my time. I now go for a softer layered Bob. He always offers consultation appointments so would be happy to advise what style to consider before going in for the drastic cut..
How much does he charge Sam?



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