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Playgrounds are permitted to re-open from today, however it looks like most won't be yet, but will open over the next few weeks:

  • Haringey are suggesting that playgrounds are only opening in the second half of July
  • Hackney says they are checking facilities this weekend and that it "hopes to reopen play areas and outdoor gyms in parks from next week."

Please add more info in the comments as you see facilities that are open!

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Clissold park playground is now officially re-opened, but no sign of any action in Finsbury Park.

Note also that Haringey hasn't even unblocked the tables outside the cafe in Finsbury Park, so they have to move some of theirs outside. The outside tables were also fenced off in Chestnuts park yesterday, though the cafe is open.

Hackney seems to be prioritising opening playgrounds more than Haringey is.....

Woodberry down playground is also open, and I've read that Stationers Park playground is open (the first in Haringey?).

Finsbury Park cafe now has its tables, but not Chestnuts park

Anyone know if Chestnuts is available?

Nope - fences still there. Just walked through this evening and we were commenting how quickly things start to look slightly derelict...

Thanks. :-(

Finsbury Park playground still closed yesterday (though full of kids) - over two weeks now since the Government said they could be open.

Looks like Haringey is not prioritising playgrounds, at least in the east of the borough, which is a pity given that many children will be really  missing them, particularly those who don't have gardens.

I know Haringey is short of staff, but I saw three guys cutting back the bushes around Finsbury Park lake last week, so something is going wrong with their priorities.

Some solid info from Haringey now available on this page (scroll down):


They give this timeline:

"Week one:

Monday 20 July: Lordship Recreation Ground | Down Lane Park | Bruce Castle Park
Tuesday 21 July: Finsbury Park | Stationers Park
Wednesday 22 July: Downhills Park | Belmont Rec | Chestnuts Park
Thursday 23 July: Ducketts Common | Wood Green Common | Priory Park | Fairland Park
Friday 24 July: Markfield Park | Hartington Park | Paignton Park

Week two:

Monday 27 July: Woodside Park | Finsbury Gardens | White Hart Lane | Bounds Green Common
Tuesday 28 July: Brunswick Park | Stanley Culross Open Space | Tewkesbury Road Open Space
Wednesday 29 July: Muswell Hill Playing Fields | Albert Road Rec
Thursday 30 July: Tottenham Green | Tower Gardens
Friday 31 July: Russell Park | Springfield Park"

Finsbury Park playgrounds are now open!

(The rowing boats were open yesterday)



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