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RE: Landlord who turns up unannounced and lets himself in if I'm not there (previous forum post).

I have just received a text from my landlord saying "New windows will be fitted in next few weeks i will advise when . Meanwhile please tidy up your room". So, it's good that he has let me know this (athough I am almost certain the notice he gives me will be minimal) but what the hell? I know I am over-sensitive (as mentioned, I suffer from anxiety and depression) but I feel like he's talking to me like crap. I pay to live here! He has said before it's up to me how I live in the flat (which was surprisingly nice of him). I feel so crap about this. I would really appreciate anyone's opinion on this. Am I overreacting? I haven't replied to the message and I'm not sure how to. 

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Erm, that does not make the OP a lodger. If they were a lodger then they would have an agreement that the landlord could come and go as he pleases, since by definition he would also have to live there. "Get your own place" not very helpful here. I believe the OP is a student. 

If you want to present yourself as a housing expert, I suggest you brush up on your terminology Mr. Daddy.

*thedaddy. are you a real person ? i love spoof posts keep them coming

Hi the Daddy,

I do hope you well.

I am not sure you are being particularly helpful. You have previously asked for help over your stolen motorbike and I wonder how you would have reacted if others left such unhelpful and quite frankly rude and ignorant messages. Nevertheless, as a landlord myself, we have in our tenancy agreements a section requiring the tenants to keep the flat clean. This is because it costs an absolute fortune to pay for pest control and cleaners as result of dirty flats. I am sure HR does not live in absolute squalor but I would recommend HR looks through her tenancy agreement. And Daddy dear I would recommend be just a little less offensive.

By the way clean does not mean spotless or even cluttered for that matter . It means for example not trashing the place with rubbish, changing your oil filter on the living room carpet etc. We once had tenants who for three years never cleaned the toilet after using it. When it came to getting new tenants in we had to install new toilets too. I doubt HR is doing this. But it us very important for tenants to know what it is that they are signing for. HR don't let the landlord or the troll get you down. Empower yourself by reading the tenancy agreement. Good luck

Absolutely. How gross not to clean a toilet for 3 years! 

Thank you for the good luck!

You aren't over-reacting: legally he has no right to let himself in without your permission. 

Thank everyone for your replies. Except for the idiotic messages from the obvious wind-up merchant. 

I just don't know what's the best course of action as I'm afraid of making him even more hostile towards me. 

Incidentally, I have it on good authority that he only does work on the building in order to avoid paying more tax. He doesn't give a s**t about our quality of life here.

I wouldn't spend much time worrying about the state of his marriage or his tax arrangements unless you have cast iron proof. And even then what would you do it with anyway? He sounds like a very unpleasant person and you sound like you are rightly a bit frightened of him so would you really be able to blackmail him with threatening to tell his wife? I can't imagine that is going to be fix your problem.

Have you done any of things suggested such as call Shelter or visit Citizens Advice? What was their advice?

Have you started looking for potential other places to live? What are you currently paying in rent? People here might have suggestions about other places you can look for a suitable home if they know your rough budget. I know you are anxious and feel like you won;t be able to find anywhere else to live but that might not be the case. Again, Shelter or Citizens Advice would be able to help check what your housing benefit entitlements would be and to discuss whether you might qualify for social housing.

We can go round in circles on the internet saying how unreasonable your landlord is (and he is unreasonable and he is breaking the law) but that is not going to fix your problem. No one is going to pop up on here with an instant solution to your problems, I'm afraid.

Best of luck.

I'm not worrying about his marriage or tax arrangements. Someone said I should be grateful that he's changing the windows but I know from previous experiences that he only gets work done to save on tax. I was just commenting on his motivations, that's all. I've never in a million years considered or suggested blackmail either in this post or elsewhere! 

I waited many hours yesterday at the CAB but they weren't able to see me. I'll be back there tomorrow. I've been looking at rent prices elsewhere but everything is more expensive. I think he keeps the rent low so that he can get away with bending the rules and so on. I just wanted some feedback and it has helped to ease my mind a little that I'm not being unreasonable and I have rights. I have really appreciated the support. 

Why not try phoning the CAB for some advice, to save you waiting around? Also their website is really useful for tenancy advice - www.adviceguide.co.uk. Good luck!



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