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I was going for a walk around 730pm Tuesday evening. I was nearing Harringay, Green Lanes overground station when a man- middle aged, stocky, white- walked out of the overground station. There was a guy walking in front of me and the man who had left the station just walked towards him and started punching him. It was a flurry of punches, totally random, and the man being punched did his best to dodge them and walked on. I saw this happening only feet from me so thought I had better not catch this guy's eyes or be in his way so I moved to the edge of the kerb. The man walked towards me and started to punch me. I can't really remember where he hit but I think it was mostly on the head and ears- definitely not in the face anyway. I tried to move out of his way and kept on walking. I didn't want to look behind me in case I attracted his attention and he came back but I did wonder if he literally tried to punch everyone he saw and how that was going to turn out.

I am physically fine but I am pretty shocked and shaken. I am guessing there has to be CCTV footage- it was on Green Lanes by the station and i know that it happened around 725pm so my question is should I report this and if so who to? Is there anyone who knows a specific person to report this to? My worry was if he does to anyone else which seems at the very least plausible.

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Woe that's horrible, sorry that happened. Hope you are ok. Sorry I don't know who to report this to apart from the police. Seems like it would be a good idea to tell them for sure. 

I'm so sorry this happened to you. Of course report it, and to the police! If you go on the Met Police website there is a form you can fill

thanks will look for the form you mentioned

yes it was not very nice but I was genuinely more worried of what he could/might do to others or if it been more sustained. I got off pretty lightly- it could have been much worse. 

Yes there are CCTV cameras pointing at the entrances to each platform from the Green Lanes pavement.

You can approach London Overground, and you can definitely approach   British Transport Police   [link - report a crime]   whose job is, well, just that, since the individual was just leaving the station.

Really sorry this has happened to you. Yes, you should report it as the Met will use it for intelligence and although they may not catch the individual, may step up patrols. You can report it to the Met online below - alternatively you can dial 101.

Best wishes. 


This is horrible, I’m sorry you had this. If it had been me I’d have called 999 immediately. Please report this to the police.

Yes report it immediately.  He could attack an elderly orsini next and needs stopping. If it was me I would have put him in hospital but no doubt I'd be the one arrested.

Save the orsini!

boss man call the police asap on 101. 

I filed an online report and the police phoned back yesterday so let's see what happens next.. 

So sorry about this. I got pushed by a woman on green lanes a few Sundays ago and was really shaken. Seems that these things are happening more frequently.

I have to admit I am feeling a bit low right now. It wasn't too bad but it could have been so much worse. He could have punched me in the face, which would have most likely knocked me to the ground and hit my head. It was totally random at 730pm on a busy street so there is nothing I could have done to avoid it. It was rare- in all the years I have been in London, and actually anywhere, its the first time this has happened so the rational part of my brain says very very rare and don't let it cloud your thinking but another part feels wary that something like that could happen again and it could be worse and there is no way to prevent it. It just weakens one's faith in life and London and other people. Hopefully that faith will return. 



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