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We are currently making changes to Railway Fields play area. We would like to install some rustic play equipment, based around the idea of a 'mud kitchen.' The mud kitchen will be built by volunteers using wood, logs and railway sleepers. We would like your views and ideas please! If you have any thoughts, ideas, designs, drawings or photos of other great mud kitchens you know , please send them to Lizzy l.nazer@tcv.org.uk

Please do not send pictures in that include other people's children, if possible. Backs of heads fine.

The rough designs will be drawn up next week and we will start building it in February.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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How about a building your own Earth Oven, a great book is Build Your Own Earth Oven by Kiko Denzer with Hannah Field, would take about 6 people 21 days to complete, main expense is firebricks for the oven part but all other materials are usually sourced from the surrounding environment, all info in that book.

Thanks Tania,

We cant build earth ovens on site here, it has been suggested before. Thanks for the book recommendation though!



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