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Distressingly, my daughter saw this disgusting, racist graffiti on Green Lanes today. Hope the council remove it promptly. There should be no space for hate in our community

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You’ve not seen the film ‘This is England’ then, the sentiments in it are quite obvious. Anyway, Britain is selling armaments and providing airforce cover to a country that purports to be a western democracy which is actively carrying out a genocide in Gaza. The western politicians are turning a blind eye to the slaughter and starving of children, how disgusting, but decent human beings don’t.

Agree with this

Then perhaps you will be apologising to the "apologist".

Have clarified this, I was responding to 'adamvietnam' when he said.

The "This is England" tagline is a bit of a give away in my opinion.

I much prefer "We are Green Lanes - and we welcome all"

Your middle-class rewrite of racist graffiti, saying what you prefer it to mean, in order to appear less racist, is just that.

And the mythical 'Israeli's Get Out Of London' Posters ....' still waiting

Why so sceptical Niall?

Have you not seen the tunnel network rumoured to be under the former St Ann's hospital site? Massive poster and flyer printing operation.

Their operation isn't quite that grand but they do have a website where it appears you can source the stickers that I saw. They say get Israel out of London rather than Israelis which would be the techicality they would use to defend themselves against allegations of antisemitism but I think we all know who and what they are.

For the avoidance of doubt, meaning I agree with adamvietnam 

The "This is England" tagline is a bit of a give away in my opinion.

I much prefer "We are Green Lanes - and we welcome all"

Like Gordon above, they're not afraid to show us who they are... they even signed their handiwork.

Ah Jimmy, how's school?

I'm truly shocked by this!

BT still have on street phone boxes!!


FYI graffiti can be reported on the Love Clean Streets App, and as someone else mentions, racist or hate speech is cleaned up in 24 hours.

I recently reported some antisemitic graffiti and it was gone in under a day.

Yes. I checked, it had been reported. And I drove past today and the whole thing had been cleaned up by the council.
HoL have the link on the RHS of the webpage - just click. Good to see it gone



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