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Distressingly, my daughter saw this disgusting, racist graffiti on Green Lanes today. Hope the council remove it promptly. There should be no space for hate in our community

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This was sprayed over a series of anti Israell pro Hamas tyoe posters that were plastered around Harringay high street some weeks ago. The posters have been removed. The graffiti isn't racist and appears to mean 'dont't bring your politics here/its nothing to do with us etc' but the obscenities are unacceptable and should be removed.

I don’t know you or your politics mate, and I know the internet is full of all sorts, so just a quick reality check

First, Haringey Council are fabulous in many ways, but even they cannot remove posters that have racist messages paint-sprayed over them and leave the paint magically intact (you might have your own delusional axe to grind here. I don’t know)

Second, yes it is racist. Just as it would be racist to spray ‘This is England not Israel, c**ts’.

If you said either of these things in public or on-line, I would report you for hate speech. Speaking as an immigrant here myself, I’ve had enough of knuckledraggers who ‘just want are country back’. The overwhelming majority of English people are kind and decent. You can jog on, defending the indefensible

The red/St George's cross was sprayed between four separate posters. You will see the same in a number of locations locally. That's why it remains while the posters have been removed.

You might report it as 'hate speech' but it would be a spurious complaint because your premise is incorrect. The statement is not racist at all. It would be different if the vandals were saying '**** off x or y'. They don't appear to be saying that. The irony is the original posters were calling for Israeli's to get out of London etc. Now that was hate speech.

You are right that the vast majority of English people are kind and decent (as are people in general). They are also very tolerant up to the point where others seek to divide us by bringing in arguments and practices from elsewhere which aren't in our interests. It's reasonable to ask those people to jog off.

"bringing in arguments and practices from elsewhere which aren't in our interests"

Gordon, are you aware that the British government is one of the strongest supporters (politically and financially) of Israel's genocide of the Palestinian people? In fact, thanks to the Balfour Declaration of 1917, it's not unreasonable to suggest that the UK had a large hand in creating the horrible state of affairs we see today.

To say "it's happening overseas therefore it doesn't concern us" is ignorant.

Are you also suggesting that people should only be allowed to speak of atrocities happening within the nation they currently reside? It's hard to imagine that if you were living abroad while your home country, maybe even your family, was being harshly bombed by an oppressor backed by the government of the country where you now live—using taxpayer money to fund the bombings—you wouldn't feel compelled to speak out against it.

Just been back down the road and someone beat the Council to it! Looks like hate speech isn't popular in Harringay :-)

Shame they weren't so worried about all the anti-semitic graffiti.

Anyway, I'm off to Taco House for tea.

The Council notes on its website that they aim to remove any racist and/or obscene graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported to them.

Have lived here quite a while and have never seen Israelis Get Out of London posters (anyone???)

But in the late 80’s I did have a skinhead NF member - with a St Georges flag - literally scream in my face This is England, not Ireland you C--nt. I got the distinct impression he was being racist, but maybe that’s me …

So yes, that graffiti was racist and I’m glad it’s gone - plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


I saw a few 'Keep Israel out of London' stickers. They wers pink and blue with a picture of a tank on a strange metallic type of paper which didn't stick very well and were easily removed.

The 80s were almost a lifetime ago. I'm glad you stayed in the face of such nonsense!

OK, so no posters saying Israeli's get out of London then, as the apologist contributor claimed. Thought not.

Criticism of Israel and its policies is common and widespread (after all, the world’s highest court has rulled that it’s plausibly committing genocide). Even Irish Taoiseach Simon Harris says the actions of the Israeli government are 'utterly reprehensible' and said of Netanyahu ‘we are repulsed by your actions’. I’d agree with that.

What I’m not happy with is racism on our streets. Not in the 80’s and not now. And to the apologist here who excuses it, I’d remind him of an old Ulster saying ‘Its easy to sleep on another man’s wounds’

The "This is England" tagline is a bit of a give away in my opinion.

I much prefer "We are Green Lanes - and we welcome all"

Saying 'this is England and you're not welcome if you're not English' is racist.

Saying 'this is England so why are you protesting and flyposting about foreign squabbles here' is not racist.



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