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[By dog people I mean anyone who regularly cares for a dog.]

How do you manage to train a puppy to disregard the staggering amounts of rubbish, esp food waste, on the pavements in Harringay?

Our five month old is intelligent and learns very quickly, but the sheer volume / frequency of distractions is just too much.

Any tips?

Of course if we walk over across the tracks to the Crouch End side, it gets much easier. But that's not a great way to reach any parks (except Stationers). 

Really not looking to start a rantfest, just honestly interested in practical ideas! 


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Training is definitely the best place to start, especially as they are young. 

Just an additional note: basket muzzles do have their place for some dogs, though usually for older dogs who have the behaviour ingrained into them over years and are at risk of ingesting things when out that might make them ill. 

However, dogs should *never* be walked out, or even left, wearing a fabric muzzle. These are for use on dogs in situations where they might bite, in particular when they're scared or in pain.

They're mostly used in vet's clinics and are useful to have in canine First Aid kits, but they restrict breathing and prevent them from exhibiting natural behaviours like barking.




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