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Good Morning Harringay,


I am a classical musician and artist based on the ladder who works with poets, actors, dancers, opera singers/singers, song-writers and artists of all kinds to creative innovative, site-specific performances.


We are currently looking for a disused space in which to build a creative hub of activity, where artists can meet, exchange ideas, rehearse and stage performances.


Since the Queen's Head in all its majesty is sitting empty and unloved, we would offer to care for it, paint it, attract a new audience to performances, for as long as the owner would allow in exchange for its use. This could be for 1 month or six months; whatever suited the owner.


Because this project would aim to involve the community of all ages, and provide a central location for all sorts of activity, I wonder if the council, or some other official body could help me make this happen?


Any advice, guidance, assistance of any kind would be appreciated. Also, if you are an artist, workshop leader or someone interested in making this project happen somewhere (if not in the Queen's Head) in central Harringay, please do get in touch.

All ideas are very welcome!


Best wishes,


Alice De Ville




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Sounds a brilliant idea! As an actor, director and technician, if there's anything I can do to help. let me know.

Nice idea. There's already been an extensive amount of research elsewhere on this site by people who want to resurrect the old building - into a pub again, a community centre, etc - so pop over there and maybe a combined force might help come up with something.


From what I remember the pub is owned by a Greek couple who want to get some return on their investment and (maybe) don't want to sell quite yet. 

I think this is an excellent idea!

Something like Lauderdale House, the Roundhouse, Jacksons Lane.

Perhaps the Friends of Ducketts Common or the group that organises activites for Fairfax/Falkland Roads would support as representative of the local community?

Pete (Fairfax Road, nearby)


Hi Pete, thanks for this idea. I'll be sure to get in touch with the Friends of Ducketts common. Any reputable group that would support the project would reflect well on any funding applications etc.

Anything that lets light and air in there has to be a Good Thing. The owners must know that?



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Hello Alice


Sounds like a great idea. I would be interested too. I dont know anything about the owners though but am an artist and workshop facilitator. Have worked with all ages of kids...


Suzy 07960 558981

I'll help!
I think that what you need to do is find a group that is legally constituted - Bernie Grant Arts Centre? Which can negotiate a short lease with the owners so that the owners can be sure that they can get the group out when they want to evict. I think you are talking about a "pop up" arts centre here. The lease also deals with all the who pays for what questions.
Thank David, this is really useful info. I'll definitely get in touch.

Hi Alice - I am starting up a women's a capella group and we are looking for a community space to rehearse. So would love to be involved.

Louisa 07722 797427

Thanks for all the responses. I know we can make a great thing happen in the community. If anyone has any practical advice, eg who to contact to really make this happen I'd love to hear from you!



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