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On the Harringay Levels there are a number of houses which look as though they were once shops or pubs. I'm particularly interested in the buildings on the southern corner of Conway and Clarendon Roads and the northern corner of Conway and Avondale Roads. 

Does anyone know about the history of these buildings? 

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For your first location, did you mean the corner of Conway and Glenwood roads? If that's the case, the excerpts below from the 1923 Kelly's Directory should help. I don't think there any pubs. 

Thank you. Yes, I did mean Conway and Glenwood. 

Looks like one was a general store and the other an estate office. I had assumed 54 Glenwood (cnr of Conway) was once a pub due to the exterior glazed wall tiles.

By chance, do you also have p8 showing the remainder of Avondale Rd entries? If so, that would also be quite interesting.

Added in my reply above

Thank you

Yes, this is obviously before the post WW2 wave of displaced people and refugees from Europe and the subsequent mass immigration of people from South Asia, the Carribean and then those who arrived under the provisions of EU free movement. However, there were still a few immigrants here earlier in the last century such as the Jews fleeing the pogroms in Eastern Europe and those fleeing for political reasons. Many of them adopted English names in order to assimilate and I imagine places like Little Russia in Tottenham and Stamford Hill would have been bustling melting pots of people from all over Europe.

There are some good posts on here about the Tottenham Outrage/Tottenham Tragedy. Some of the characters involved were the type of political dissidents you mention (I think it was anarchists from the parts of the Russian Empire that are now Latvia and Poland). Little Russia would have neen fascinating but now it's just another run down bit of Tottenham bereft of merit or character.

The Tottenham Outrage? I thought that was David Lammy.

I like how you seem to imply that because the Russians have ‘left the area’ it is now « bereft of merit or character » . Are you referring to people or architecture or what?

The Northumberland Park (borders Edmonton-Enfield) part of Tottenham’s High road is one of the many conservation areas that makes up the Tottenham Historic Corridor and has been the object of several heritage lead interventions over the years. It is also the centre of rampant speculative property investment on the part of a certain multi-million £ offshore sports company located in the area.

Many of the historic buildings have been sympathetically restored, although, a bit further south, such is the power of the cynical sports company, coupled with the complacency (collusion?) of certain powers that be, we tragically lost a grade listed building and other important architectural treasures. 

This destruction continues as the council has approved plans in the area to ‘demolish livelihoods’ and displace several long standing local stakeholder business activities which have contributed jobs and activity to the area for some time, all to the benefit the interests of super powerful big business concerns.

So there is loads of merit and so much character in the area. It just ain’t Russian. Times change.

If you're interested, there's a bit more information about Little Russia on wikipedia.

It was 'regenerated' in the 70s and now gone in all but name.

I can't recall exactly where but Caves (the baker) used to have a bake house on Conway Road in the 1960s and 1970s (and probably earlier). I am pretty certain it was on a corner, most likely Glendale.


Corner of Rowley.

There was also a barber shop along that stretch, possibly 34 or 36, until about 10 years ago. As far as I know that was the last shop on the Levels (with the exception of the one that remains on the corner of Brampton and St.Anne's Roads).



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