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I was reading this article featured on BBC News today:


Do you think we can get a piano for Hornsey station?

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I read the same article and thought the same thing. My mum has just passed away. She was 90 and loved music. She lived close to Hornsey station and lived in the area for 75 years. She supported lots of community events and charities. I wondered if a piano could be placed there in her memory. I was going to look into it. 

That’s a really lovely thought. Good luck. 

Where ... entrance to the stairs off Tottenham Lane?

Hmm-yes not an ideal station for locating a piano or space for audience enjoyment. I was considering a complete station upgrade to provide room for the piano  I’m a dreamer!

I'm sure someone out there has an old piano they would be willing to donate, although thinking about it, would a piano quickly go out of tune, given it would be outdoors (but covered)?!

I have a piano to donate if anyone wants to pick it up. It's a few streets away from the station.

According to the website - streetpianos.com....I don't know how much the "document toolkit" costs but I'd chip in - sure we could crowdfund something fun like this if someone (not me unfortunately) had the time to do the admin......

Moving forward, any new organisations or groups who are interested in presenting their own version of this street piano project should contact studio@lukejerram.com to purchase a 55 page guidance document toolkit. The toolkit includes a Project Management Overview, Timelines, Budget Template, Risk Assessments, Artists and Venue Contracts, etc.  It is based on the last ten years experience of delivering this project globally and it provides everything you need to make your street piano project a success.

Please Note: We are no longer able to accept piano donations.

Journalists, academics and students who want more information about the project, including Press FAQs and high resolution images please visit www.streetpianos.com/press-area/

I took the plunge and emailed Street Pianos and their toolkit costs £500 + VAT

Dear Antoinette,

Thanks for your email. Here's some further info: Over the past ten years, Play Me, I’m Yours, created by British artist Luke Jerram, has been successfully presented over 80 times in 60 cities internationally. Any new organisations or groups who are interested in presenting their own version of this project can purchase a 55 page Guidance Document Toolkit.

As per the attached Appendix, the toolkit includes guidance on everything you need to deliver the project successfully and to a high standard, including: • risk assessments • a budget template • guidance on insurance • marketing and promotion kit • Impact and reach evidence for funders and sponsors • project management overview and schedules • guidance on selecting the right type of piano, identifying suitable locations to place your pianos • guidance on protecting pianos from the elements and securing them in their locations • piano maintenance, decorating dos and don'ts • everything else you need to consider when planning and delivering a street piano project.

These documents will enable you to learn from ten years of experience of delivering this project globally, and whilst reducing your risk, will save you time and money compared to developing everything from scratch.  There's also important information about the best way to communicate the project to the press and public, to keep everyone on board as you make your plans, including access to high resolution images and videos that you can use to promote your project.

Having our document toolkit, which is available for a fee of £500 + VAT, will also be useful to show your partners, city council and insurers, so they can see what was acceptable for previous presentations. Let me know if you're interested in purchasing the Street Piano Document Toolkit and I'll send over the letter of agreement and an invoice.

Best wishes

Thank you for following this up. Sounds like a huge project. I’m still embroiled in house clearance and paperwork trails, so can’t take this on at the moment. But I do still think it’s a fabulous idea!

Sorry to be  negative about this but the situation at Hornsey station is vey different to that at the main-line stations. Travellers at St Pancras, for example might be waiting for half-an-hour for their train and would be happy to spend that time listening to or playing the piano. Travellers at Hornsey might wait a few minutes only and the player would have to make the difficult decision to finish the piece or to get on the train. The concourses on the mainline stations are protected from wind, rain and snow and the temperatures are pretty constant.

Secondly - security. There are staff at the mainline stations who can deter vandalism, but not at Hornsey. I doubt if the Hornsey piano would last very long. 

I largely agree with this view - I can't see where it would go at Hornsey.

But as a point of order, GN have apparently committed to staffing all of their gated stations throughout the whole operational day, of which Hornsey is one (no such luck for Harringay, naturally).

That wouldn't stop some of our delightful locals putting their foot through it, station staff or not.

Apparently, the toolkit covers aspects of how to physically protect any pianos from the elements and theft (you bolt it to the ground!)  Vandalism is another matter, but as you would require public liability insurance maybe a policy that covers theft/damage is recommended.  I'm guessing. 



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