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Proposal for new parking restrictions on Willoughby/Frobisher Roads

FYI, a council statutory notification about new double yellow lines for Willoughby/Frobisher Roads. This is aimed at reducing the congestion at the Willoughby/Frobisher junction when the Liberty Church is holding its regular events.

It is a problem junction and the area gets very congested with all the people driving to the Liberty Church but i wonder if this wont just displace the cars to the rest of Frobisher, Lausanne and Willoughby roads? And, if the junction becomes less congested then even more traffic will speed around this corner and more traffic will use it as a rat run to avoid the Turnpike Lane / Green Lanes congestion?

Interested in peoples thoughts.


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But think of the money they'll make issuing tickets!

If the CPZ was just enforced on Sundays...

I don't think it will encourage increased use as a rat run. I think the problem is only when the Liberty Church is holding services.  Cars are parked all along the junction and corner leading to a traffic jam.

Much the same happens at the top of Lausanne Road when the Greek Church is holding services and big funerals. 

I'd suggest extending the double yellows further along Willoughby Road opposite the parking bay; that stretch gets sticky/unsafe when cars are allowed to park on both sides of the road, and it causes backups on Frobisher Rd coming off Green Lanes. 

It was always a dangerous junction. My mother had driven ambulances in the war and had some decent first aid skills. We would hear the bang from our house in the 50-60s and off she would go to sort out the wounded! On occasions the bath would contain soiled sheets turning the water a soft shade of pink...

Every junction on Willoughby was/is dangerous and in 1961 I came upon my mother standing beside her wrecked mini-van at the junction of Hampden. The car that hit her came out of Hampden, struck the mini and ended up in the railings of Ducketts Common.

I'll bet the Liberty Church is not much busier than the Regal was in the 60s and cars were parked everywhere!



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