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Hi there;

James here from the Haringey over 50s Forum.  The Forum is looking for a powerpoint projector for a charitable project in Wightman Road.  Any leads on a reasonably-priced projector, possibly a business or a school surplus would be appreciated.  Please let me know.  You can private message me or email the Forum at info@ho50s.org.uk.

Thanks for your help.

James Cowling 

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Do you want this for a one off event - if so when - or as a permanent device.  If it's one-off let me know....

Hi Paul;

We’re looking to buy one, but if that falls through, a one off would be great. We have a speaker in April or May who asked for one. Can I leave it that? I really appreciate the offer.


James Cowling 

Not a problem

Great. Thanks so much Paul. 



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