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Discussion on Robert Elms BBC London 94.9 now, Wednesday 3rd March. Phone in if you know anything about the pot shop!!  Anyone else listening in. 

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It is closed. The gentleman who ran it for years unfortunately  died a couple of years ago. I understand that the family are working out what to do with the building.

If they mean MIchli's, various posts on the site here

I’d like to listen to it, any idea what part of the programme (for BBC sounds).  What did you find out? Is the ownership unknown?  It’s a great building, I was looking on windows te other day, cacti still alive!

BBC Sounds Radio London 94.9 Robert Elms show, 10:00 - 1:30.  Article is Notes and Queries. Robert starts off the questions about 10.20/10.30. He seems to take the answers from around 11:00. But if my times aren’t accurate, you could fast forward music, news etc and probably get through the entire program in about 30 minutes. 

Whenever I walk past it I both worry it'll get knocked down and hope someone will re-open it.

Same - I think we just want something there.... anything... Well, not anything obviously... It's a decent size too, so wonder if any companies etc are looking at it to change it to a shop of some sort. I can't think of what sort of shop would work in that spot besides an off-license. Fingers crossed for a Waitrose Mini hahaha

A prime site for some cheap luckshuree flats? 



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