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Pot holes on the Ladder - please help tell the council - hopefully we'll get improvements

Last friday...I was so pleased to see road menders setting up in the mid afternoon at the bottom of Hewitt Road ready to repair the multitude of holes scarring the already poor surface of my street!
There was a Haringey Press Officer there too - with hindsight there to take a photo opportunity shot of Men from the Council Repairing Our Roads....for the forthcoming Haringey publication or website even!!!?

Ok..that's fine...but..having sealed one dreadful pot hole at the bottom of the road the workmen proceeded to move up the road - and away!...The Press officer buzzed off after a friendly chat with me saying they would re-surface the road..but when?
A Stunt?!

Well..how cynical can you get when there's a major issue of wear and tear down our road as everyone comes down it to cut through to St Ann's.

I wouldn't mind but who was paying for the 8 - 10 workmen who showed up in their yellow vests? ...US!

Please take photographs of the potholes by your flat/house and send them to potholes@haringey.gov.uk
Or report them to Robert on 02084891335  - he's a nice bloke!

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Hi Nora

Any chance you could find out why the very dangerous pothole outside 646 Green Lanes (close to Fairfax) has still not been repaired whereas the two close by (and reported at the same time) have been?

Should LBH investigate getting one of these: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8529964.stm
thank goodness they have finally mended that monster one near haringay-pity us poor cyclists!- at least they had put some diversion sig round it since we had all that rain as it was so treacherous- shame round the corner on seven sisters road towards finsbury park in out of area as it is full of them all the way down-i find its ok now I know where they area and can navigate round them but how at the begining I hadnt come off my bike or buckled my meal is a miracle- and I reported same time as you adam-thats hackney for you
I suggest you contact Sophia Dickenson who is the Haringey officer responsible for pothole inspection in Stroud Green and also Harringay

Tel:020 8489 1710
The Guardian's wondering if potholes will become a general election issue.
Good to see www.fillthathole.org.uk getting the recognition it deserves. I have to declare an interest - I work for CTC who set up this website.



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