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Just now (just before 8AM) we had a knock on the door from a young man dressed in Royal Mail uniform / hi-vis anad holding some sort of hand-held device. He was much younger than most posties or couriers I've seen before. But, that's not what stuck a note of caution for me.

He asked, "Does Narendra live here?" When i responded that no such person did, he continued, "Oh, only I thought she did. If not here, somewhere around here". 

After I shut the door, it struck me to wonder why someone apparently at work, would be knocking on doors during working hours, on an apparently personal quest.

As with most of these things, I hope all is above-board, but I thought it worth sharing in case something is not quite right here.

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Hopefully just someone young and new to the job who's not fully conversant with work protocol, but yes worth the caution.

Also, Narendra tends to be a male name, meaning 'lord of all men'. Would be quite interesting for there to be a woman called that :)

Mmm, but would a postie be asking for someone by their first name? If they were, wouldn't they offer an explanation as to why a surname was lacking? Also the reference to a recollection of where the person lived seemed discordantly personal. 

Definitely still off. I meant maybe he was indeed looking for someone he knew personally but doing so on the job, which he shouldn't be.

Which in turn doesn't fit in with the gender bit actually. Can imagine a postie seeing the name for the first time not being sure of the gender, but not someone looking for someone they appear to know...

Rather like the Notifications I got for a person unknown to me or nearby

From Council & Income Tax

Funny after mentioned it to Home Beat ( Police ) seems to have stopped



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