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There was a mention on one of the Wightman Rd threads about one of the postboxes on the ladder currently being blocked and the thought that it might be due to access issues.

I noticed today that the one on Green Lanes near Jam in a Jar is also blocked up, anyone any idea why?

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Seems a bit unnecessary doesn't it. On the one on willoughby road it says the nearest is Turnpike Lane post office.

I agree - we're still receiving post, so why can't they coordinate post collection with post distribution?

Falkland Road post box also blocked :(

any excuse will do.

what next? rubbish collections only once a fortnight? .... oh. Wait!

no worries. I'll drive to the nearest one. Like I do when I have to go to my local sorting office.

I saw one closed on my way to Harringay station this morning.



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