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The new development at Hornsey Railway station will, despite planning permission not being given for this, have separate doors for privately owned/rented properties and the shared ownership properties. If you wonder why they went to this trouble then you have to put yourself in the shoes of the foreign xenophobes they sell these flats to in the far and middle east.

When will we seriously get off of our arses and protest this kind of thing? We won't have to walk far.

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Thanks are due to Paul Burnham and others for sleuthing this.

I was under the impression that housing associations usually prefer their properties to be together in one block as it makes taking care of communal areas simpler and cheaper.

"foreign xenophobes". The worst kind of xenophobes...

Shared ownership flats are hardly for poor people. I bought on a council estate because I did the sums on shared ownership and realised I couldn't afford it.

You organise it John, I’ll be there.

The social housing part of New River 'Village' is called Danube House and is tucked out of the way at the back of that development. Interestingly it's the only part of that ghost town development where you ever see signs of life, music, kids playing football, folk washing their cars etc ....

Shared ownership is not social housing...

"Ghost town development".
An interesting and provocative phrase. Though visiting family in South London, Zena and I drive through areas with shiny new towers and wide green open spaces. And we sometimes wonder where the people are.



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