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Police Suggest Night-time Safety Improvements for Finsbury Park

The Islington Gazette has reported that Police have urged Haringey Council to make some safety improvements to Finsbury Park following the killing of barmaid Iuliana Tudos. The recommendations include locking the park at night.

Officers carried out an Environmental Visual Audit in February, when they were joined by Haringey’s anti-social behaviour team and councillors from both Haringey and Islington. The February audit report, written by the Met’s Designing Out Crime team, was handed over to the council last month.
While the findings haven’t been published, police indicated at a meeting hosted by the Friends of Finsbury Park that the recommendations also included improving the boundary fences and installing better lighting.

Haringey Council said that it had no plans to close the gates, but said it would “work with colleagues” to implement any changes found to be necessary following a separate safety review, which started last year.

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absolutely keep the bats happy. interestingly, they love the stadium floodlights because all the insects are attracted to them. 

A starting point would be better, bigger bins. Clapham Common have those huge industrial waste bins at strategic places - this would be so easy to implement in Finsbury park, put a few of those large bins (which incidentally foxes can't get into because of the high sides) around in the summer and you'd get a lot fewer piles of plastic bags next to bins which get ripped open.

Instead, the council is planning (I don't know when) a few solar-powered compacting bins. Presumably much more expensive than an industrial bin, and not immediately implementable. 

But those people who just leave their litter lying about on the grass... they should be fined!

I really don't understand why the park isn't locked at night other than the Council just figured it was cheaper than keeping having to mend the broken fences. It seems to me that it is just an invitation for people wanting to engage in illegal activity. I love Finsbury Park but there is absolutely no way I would enter it after dark, even if they did add some lighting.

Locks on fences only keep the good people out.

I also think we, as the local community, could do a lot more to raise funds for the park, rather than blaming Haringey Council, who are extremely overstretched budget wise. If we really care about our park, which is very beautiful and which we are really lucky to have, let's take matters into our own hands and raise money and help in any way we can to make it somewhere we can really be proud of and somewhere everyone enjoys and feels safe.

We already do - we pay Council tax and Income Tax. And we let the park be used for concerts.

Haringey has already one of the highest council tax around. I think it's time that the council is being held to account what they spend their money on. So far any dealings with them was just gross incompetence and subsequently I only assume a waste of resources and money.

Classic! Walk across the borough from east to west. Council tax is capped so people in the west in multi-million pound homes don't pay much more than people in the east of the borough and that's the reason the council tax is high.

But do richer people in the west get better service from their council tax ? Or use council services more ?

you haven't addressed Mimi's point about waste and incompetence.

How about the current chaos over parking permit renewals ?

Does that say " competent " to you ?

How about the ongoing pothole disgrace ?

You can't just point the finger at the council about poorly implemented IT solutions. Everybody's doing it.

Why not ?

Any responsible administration would ensure that if the update is a cock-up, it would be possible to go back to the previous state.

It's been six weeks, fgs



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