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Just got back in and saw that two police cars had closed Wightman off from Pemberton to Warham, funneling everyone down Pemberton.

Any clues as to why at all? I could not hang around to find out.

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Car v van. Car driver did a runner 

There was a car crash. Can add this one to the list of serious incidents since the new design. Council didn't take the community's feedback on board during construction. I bet you the post implementation safety study will highlight issues and they will have to spend more of our tax money to fix it.

I reckon from seeing the car driver doing a runner that he was one of those lovely drivers that think speed limits are for other people and use Wightman Road as a racetrack... just saying 

Coincidentally as I walked to the station today at around midday, I noticed that quite a number of crash using the road were travelling at higher speeds than normal. I wondered aloud to my other half whether with the absence of so much opposing traffic after the partial closure of the road, the new layout just presents a tempting racetrack. It appeared to be doing so.

I was cycling along Wightman Rd when it happened. I think the police were chasing the driver. He was driving very erratically and quickly - it was pretty hairy! He was overtaking all the cars who were driving normally and then smashed into the back of an Argos van.  The police were right onto him - they had their blues and twos on. I don’t think this was anything to do with the road - it looked like the driver was running away from the police. 

Ah. That will explain the presence of the helicopter at 3:30 and why Pemberton got the Fairfax Road treatment immediately afterwards. 

Many thanks for the context, Libby. 

I've noticed since the new layout a lot of drivers just drive down the middle of the white line, I've had cars hurtling towards me, taking up far too much of my side of the road only returning to their side at the very last second. Those who do follow the contours of the chicanes treat them more like le mans race track. Im proper sick of it. Having been run over and crushed against my own car by a reckless driver on Wightman road three years ago, not only has this new scheme solved nothing it's positively added to the problems. Nice one Harringay council. How much more  taxpayer's money do we need to hand over so you can waste it on stuff that DOESN'T WORK!     



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